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  1. onthehoof

    When does a tractor roll?

    I only had 2wd, as said when I went up forwards the front wheels began to lift and started going sideways when I went up backwards it was fine, need to make sure conditions are dry though
  2. onthehoof

    When does a tractor roll?

    Our Bomford topper has no top link and it’s brilliant because the topper follows contours and acts as a brake and a stabiliser
  3. onthehoof

    When does a tractor roll?

    I was doing a bit the other day, pretty steep but flat at the top and the bottom so just went straight up and down, was going uphill forwards to start with but front wheels began to lift so went down forwards and up backwards felt much safer although there’s some YouTube videos that say do it...
  4. onthehoof

    I know..

    Nearly at the end of this forecast and guess what not one drop of rain, held off cutting hay, hey ho
  5. onthehoof

    530/70 hitch

    Won’t work, have flicked switch on dash sounds like oil is pumping but won’t lift to release latch,maybe a tiny movement but nothing more, is there a fuse for the hitch/ electric solenoid? Headstock hydraulics work fine
  6. onthehoof

    I know..

    Too much information perhaps
  7. onthehoof

    Explosion in Beruit

    Dunce hat on here, am I right in thinking AN on its own won’t explode, it needs an excelerant?? i.e. diesel and a detonator??
  8. onthehoof

    Your current weather.

    Think you jinxed it, have a look now at forecast for next week
  9. onthehoof

    I know..

    Looked at bbc app at 8 this morning and said sunny and hot for next 10 days just looked again and this is forecast fornext Monday and Tuesday
  10. onthehoof

    Grass Renovation thread

    How much is that drill to buy and do they travel countrywide, are they demonstrating it or have you hired it
  11. onthehoof

    Hay making 2020

    So how do you think the winter market will pan out? Little good hay at a premium, lots of big bale 2nd quality
  12. onthehoof

    The what I f^cked up today thread...

    Disused irrigation inlet
  13. onthehoof

    The what I f^cked up today thread...

    While topping nettles, luckily was going slowly backwards so not too much damage
  14. onthehoof

    Grass Renovation thread

    Mob rules o_O
  15. onthehoof

    Grass Renovation thread

    Thought for a minute you had a SERIOUS mole problem
  16. onthehoof

    ID this grass please

    Initial thoughts are rough stalked meadow grass, leaves have rough underside like sandpiper, last pic taken after cutting
  17. onthehoof

    Private plate

    Uncle has 1DLA and DLA1 bought 20 odd years ago so good investment. Not my thing though
  18. onthehoof

    Grass Renovation thread

    Anyone tried spraying with low dose glyphosate just to check existing sward but not kill it completely in case new seed doesn’t take
  19. onthehoof

    Grass growth (lack of)

    Just right here, enough rain to keep things moving but not too much, very warm nights here have made a big difference

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