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    Tractor driving test

    My 16 year old is desperate to take his test but haven’t managed to get a date yet. Online keep going round in circles with theory test coming up as required and my wife had no joy on the phone. Has anybody had any success in these difficult times or do we just have to wait for easing of...
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    Potash Plus fertiliser settings

    Does anybody have vane settings for an Amazone Zam spinner with 18/24 discs and shutter settings for 13kph spreading please.
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    Bottom hose

    We have a static engine for our mobile grain dryer. The bottom hose has split and a replacement is needed. It’s been a few years but we think the engine and radiator came off an international 431 combine (circa 1960’s) It’s a 2 inch hose and I hope I have attached a photo! Can anybody help.
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    Cog for Mashio power harrow

    As above, need a cog for the bed of harrow. Number on our cog is 36100306. Obviously good condition only.
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    Parmiter 16’3” chain harrow

    just to bring things down to a more mundane level does anybody know where i can get a new web for the above. It is a complete web and not sections joined up.
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    Canyon oats seed rate

    cleaning some of my oats tomorrow and wondered what seed rate per metre people generally go for for optimum plant stand.
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    Mid tier scheme

    The above scheme has got my head going round in circles again! First year of scheme, low input cereals(AB14). Can either do spring cereals planted between February and April this year or in autumn between October and December. The question is does it mean autumn 2018 or 2019 for a 2019 first...
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    2nd and 3rd wheats

    Always had a varied rotation in the past so never grew these until last year. Grew Shabras second wheat last year, latitude dressing, 50kg/ac, drilled 27/9. Two fields had issues with slugs and frit fly and did 3.1t/ac and the other did 3.4t/ac. When do people using latitude normally drill and...
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    DON, ZON testing

    is the above required this year given the weather. My Mycotoxin risk assessment comes to 0, do I risk putting that?
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    Combine Harvester and Accessories: John Deere - Zurn

    Combine Harvester and Accessories: John Deere - Zurn Category: Combine Harvester and Accessories Manufacturer: John Deere Price: £750 Condition: Used Description: Zurn Mechanical Side Knife, used on a John Deere 814 header. Has only done one season, 200 acres. To include other bits and...
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    Mid tier options on BPS

    How do I show my mid tier options, which may or not be accepted if I ever get an offer through,on my BPS form? I have enough greening without using any of the stewardship options.
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    Yara Krista SOP

    Is the above good for mixing with fungicides and herbicides. Was wanting to use it with Aviator, ctl, ally and starane. Can’t find it on Yara’s tank mix app and Yaras has not replied to my request
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    Origin polysulphate

    Does anybody have settings for the above for an Amazone ZAM, OM18-24 discs. Is it the same product as CPL granular polysulphate listed on their website.
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    Yara sulphurcut fertiliser

    Has anybody used the prilled version of the above and had problems with striping this year. Have used Yara's granular version or the oppositions multicut sulphur for the first two dressings for a number of years with no problems with the correct setup on my Amazone spreader. When I had SCS test...
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    pre em spray for maize

    Will finish planting the maize today. Is there any point in a pre em spray as it is so try on top and forcasted to stay the same for a while? The seed has gone in 2-3 inches into enough moisture to germinate but the one field has some blackgrass in it. Will any of the pre em sprays work well...
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    Security Measures

    Having recently had a theft from the Farm we are looking to upgrade security measures. We have CCTV which has been reinstalled following a Farm fire, however we are looking at lighting to come on in addition to the camera's. A friend suggested solar powered lights which would be an ideal...
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    Combine for 700 acres

    looking to change my combine. Cropping is 400 acres w. Wheat, 200 WOSR, 100 w.or s oats. Been quoted for class Tucana 430, JD W440 and New Holland cx5090 from local dealers and wondered if they were all up to the job. We go for high yields and only chop WOSR. Unloading on headlands would like to...

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