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    Kongskilde Grain Bins

    No we dismantled them and put them in a shed. Still for sale. Happy for you to give me a call to discuss 07740605576
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    Grays Wrapper

    Sorry now sold
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    Baselier topper

    Looking for a 3 bed Baselier haulm topper.
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    ***Ritchie 8/16 bale traileyre***

    Saw this recently advertised not sure it’s still for sale but might be worth a call.
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    Steel portal Frame Building

    We found in the past that you can buy a better quality used shed so industrial spec shed for less money than a new agricultural spec shed. The last we built was 220x100 and we saved a considerable amount of money. It all depends on scrap metal price if they take them down to rebuild or chop them...
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    Steel portal Frame Building

    Looking for a used steel portal frame building 30meters x 18 meters. Anything around? Thanks in advance.
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    Looking for tubeliner any make considered.
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    John Deere 7930

    Thanks you
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    John Deere 7930

    Perfect thanks much appreciated
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    John Deere 7930

    Looking for low hour John Deere 7930. Autoquad and front linkage. Must be tidy.
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    Star fire wiring harness

    Hi, Do you have part number of wiring loom you are after we have ones that came off two tractors when we bought star fire from them.
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    Star fire wiring harness

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    Big bag lifter 3 point linkage

    Looking for a 3 point linkage big bag lifter must be extendable.
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    Reekie Separator

    Looking for a tidy 5154 Reekie Separator with stone box.
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    Looking for a set of Michelin tyres. For 7530

    Hi, roughly about 25-30% we are looking for £400 for them all as they are taking up space and we have the tractor on narrows all year round.
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    Looking for a set of Michelin tyres. For 7530

    Hi, We have a set of Trelleborg 650/65 r42 good condition, probably 25/30% fronts 600/65 R28 10/15% Good Years. If of interest give me a ring 07740605576. Thanks
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    Kuhn Rake

    Sorry Sold
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    Ex grain/muck trailer

    Hi, unfortunately not near Bristol but have a trailer that might be suitable for what you are looking for. If interested i can send you some pictures. It also comes with a flat body which can be swapped onto chassis when tub is removed. Thanks
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    Stone/clod seperator

    Looking for a tidy reekie/netago stone and clod seperator with stone box.
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    Mecmar Dryer

    Mecmar dryer wanted 18-20 Tonne Diesel, Low Hours, VGC

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