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  1. Gadget

    Printer cartridges

    My old printer went wrong and is obsolete so I can't buy one the same. I have some HP 920 ink cartridges that are now surplus to requirement if they will help anyone out.
  2. Gadget

    ELM Policy Discussion webinars

    I registered for the above, the one that started at 12pm today. I can't find out how to get into it! I received an email confirming it and it is in my list of Eventbrite tickets, when I follow the links there is a page that says "Online content for this event is only available to registered...
  3. Gadget

    Field IQ switching

    We have an FM750 screen with base station RTK, this is connected to a Field IQ. Often, once the headland run has been done and an AB line set, the auto switching on turns on too late. I've been through the settings and they seem to be correct, the funny thing is that, if I put in a new AB line...
  4. Gadget

    Garmin 76

    I have PT Mapper Pro as a mapping programme, for a number of years I have used a handheld Garmin 76 to measure and mark fields and temporary boundaries. I can then transfer the info to the OS maps on the computer. Today I marked a temporary boundary with a number of satellites showing but then...
  5. Gadget

    Cereals tickets

    Are they struggling to sell tickets to Cereals? A couple of weeks ago my son got an email with a code for a free two day VIP Cereal ticket, today I have had an email offer from Cerals for a free ticket and one from Farmers Weekly with a buy one get one free deal.
  6. Gadget

    Can wash nozzle

    Our can washing nozzle in the induction hopper needs changing, we have been happy enough with it when it worked but wondered what the best option would be. The sprayer was bought second hand so we don't really know what make ours is!
  7. Gadget

    Road registering a Gator

    Someone has recently told me that you can no longer retrospectively register a Gator for road use. Apparently it has to be done from new. Is this true? If not how do you get started? Thanks
  8. Gadget


    Is there a TV which has a record facility purely from freeview? It is for use where there is no internet and we didn't want to go down the route of a separate recorder and multiple remote controls. Thanks
  9. Gadget

    Excel help

    I use excel for recording loads of grain in and out of store, all movements are recorded on paper and I then input a batch at a time. Each line has for example; Date, Customer, vehicle Reg., Gross weight, Tare weight and moisture. Further along the row I have various formulas working out Nett...
  10. Gadget

    Low use Sim Card

    Having recently had problems with unwanted visitors we have put an alarm on the workshop and a series of infra red beams around the yard, they have external bells/sirens which will hopefully encourage our visitors to leave. The next step is to install a couple of diallers to alert us but we...
  11. Gadget

    Multidrive 4140 wheel choice

    As title really, what would be the best size wheels for LGP in cereals and OSR?
  12. Gadget

    Things you find thrown over the hedge

    Someone has been doing a bit of DIY!
  13. Gadget

    Draper Charger

    Does anyone on here happen to have a Draper BCS301 Battery Charger? We have managed to pull the mains input wires off the on/off switch and don't know which wire goes to which terminal. Thanks G
  14. Gadget

    Milk Supplier

    A friend of mine with a farm shop has found a source of milk that is much cheaper to him than his current supplier. The two names he can get are; Garden of Eden and Goodness of Eden and although they imply it is British milk he is concerned if it actually is. All help appreciated! G
  15. Gadget

    Fertiliser / Corrosion

    If we were to utilise the split hopper on our drill to apply some fertiliser during Autumn drilling, what would be the best fertiliser to use to reduce the chance of it rotting away? I assume that some sort of nitrogen would need to be involved or could we use Urea? Wheat preventative measures...
  16. Gadget

    No till and previous crop agchems

    What would the risk be no tilling wheat into a beautiful tilth in clay, the problem being that the spring beans had Nirvana and the label says leave at least 3 months after application (ok so far!). It also says that ther land should at least be cultivated with non inversion tillage. TIA
  17. Gadget

    Cambridge Roll

    Does any one know where there is a horse drawn cambridge roll? I have a couple which were in a bit of a state when I got them. One is now repaired and painted and has got a set of shafts which are hopefully suitable. I wanted to make it as original as possible, so the fixing of the shafts and...
  18. Gadget

    Amatron +

    We have an Amazone fertiliser spreader with weigh cells and the Amatron + controller. A few years ago we had some Lithan and had problems with the automatic weighing system not putting on the correct amount. The spreader was changed to manual with the shutters fixed and the foreward speed fixed...
  19. Gadget

    Subsoiler wings... a long shot!

    Many years ago at The Royal Show there was a subsoiler that I think was made for grassland. The unique feature was the wings, they pivoted so when it was lifted at the end they folded down and heaved less soil up as they emerged from the ground. I think that when in work they naturally pulled up...
  20. Gadget

    Pop up thingys!

    I use Firefox as a browser but am getting odd words in annoying double underlined green writing. If I get near them with the mouse pointer they turn into a popup asking if I want to search for local businesses. Any advice on how to stop this please?

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