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  1. norfolk n sheep

    Romney Draft Ewes

    Looking for 500 to 600 romney draft ewes, 3 or 4 crop
  2. norfolk n sheep

    Wanted Suckler Cows

    12 Cows with calves at foot wanted, prefer traditional breeds, Hereford, Angus, Shorthorn etc. located Norfolk/Cambs border. Please PM
  3. norfolk n sheep

    Huntaway bitch

    Huntaway bitch 3 years old available foc to right home. I have had her for 3 months from a dealer to join our collies and kelpies on large numbers of sheep. She is very vocal around sheep and is as soft as grease with me and the family. The problem is last week she killed the aged farm cat...
  4. norfolk n sheep

    Direct Drill

    Second hand 3 metre moore uni drill or similar for over seeding grass, turnips etc. Collection no problem as close to Cheffins Cambridge machinery sale. TIA
  5. norfolk n sheep

    Toyota Hilux HL3 Auto (spares or repairs)

    2008 3 litre Automatic Hilux, blue . MOT until May, 235000 miles. Not in bad condition as most of the mileage comes from road miles. Needs new front axle as bearings have broken up. Will up load photos as soon as I can. £2500 as it is. Will make a cheap truck!
  6. norfolk n sheep

    Situation Vacant Pipelayers wanted

    Fit, Agile people required to join teams in Lincolnshire and Cambridgeshire to lay underground irrigation pipe on large estates. Full tuition will be given, but must be hard working. Please PM
  7. norfolk n sheep

    Prattley springs

    Just had my third set of springs on my 12 ft Prattley break. They are not strong enough for the constant road work. Has anyone found another, stronger make of spring to use than the Prattley? TIA
  8. norfolk n sheep

    Triffid Bur Marigold

    Having some serious problems with poisoning in a flock on wetlands with triffid bur marigold. The floodplain was flooded until late June killing most of the grass and leaving the TBM. The TBM is very lush and in flower. We have had a large amount of deaths. Pm's have been sent which have come...
  9. norfolk n sheep

    Sheep Dipping Contractors

    Looks like we are going to dip this year, first time for over 20 years! We will have between 3500 and 4000 to dip (mix of ewes and lambs). Thinking of dipping 1st week of August so lambs are weaned. Is there any dippers out there who could help? We are based on the Norfolk/Cambs border. TIA
  10. norfolk n sheep

    Fodder Beet

    Approx 200 tons Norfolk/Cambs border, no stones. £22 ex farm
  11. norfolk n sheep

    Trailer Tyres

    8.25 x 15 18PR 2 of please. delivered to pe38
  12. norfolk n sheep

    Bulk Feed Bin Transport

    Just bought a 12 ton feed bin on ebay. It is on the Norfolk/Cambs border. I am looking for someone to move it approx 15 miles back to the yard. There is lots of pig units about with many feed bins, but I cannot find any contacts about a transport company who moves them. Any ideas? TIA
  13. norfolk n sheep

    Water proof trousers with knee pads

    I have a 3 deck Houghton trailer on the back of my tractor. I have been using it a lot recently moving sheep around. There isn't much room on each deck so I spend a lot of time on my knee's on the chequer plate floor. Question is' where can I buy a quality pair of waterproofs with knee pads...
  14. norfolk n sheep

    Store lambs wanted

    Any store lambs available? Up to 300 wanted. Please PM
  15. norfolk n sheep

    Sheep grazing AD sugar beet tops

    Apparently there is a potential problem of AD beet being overwintered running to seed. Also the overwintering of viruses and diseases is problematic. I run large numbers of sheep in Norfolk and Cambridgeshire. My question is: Does anyone graze the tops of growing AD beet over the winter with...
  16. norfolk n sheep

    Jury Service

    Been asked to attend jury service next month. Only problem is I have over 5000 sheep to look after on my own. The letter states that if I decline this time I have to undertake the jury service next time I am asked to. My problem is I haven't enough time now, but if I am asked second time in the...
  17. norfolk n sheep

    Tractor Tyre

    460/85 r 38 second hand wanted. 60 to 70%.
  18. norfolk n sheep

    Sheep Tack Ideas

    I am currently lambing 2000 ewes and running 350 dry ewe hoggs. This has gone well and we have increased numbers year on year. I have been contacted by several nearby arable guys who want to grow large areas of stubble turnips. Now my plan is to reduce ewe numbers to 1500, increase dry ewe...
  19. norfolk n sheep

    Rappa Trailer

    Owned from new, 6 years old. Working condition. Sides also available. £1250 + VAT. Please PM. Norfolk/Cambs border.
  20. norfolk n sheep

    Problems with Prattley weigher

    Thanks in advance of any help. Last week we were weighing a large batch of lambs, the manual prattley with trutest weigh bars and EID reader was working fine. After approx 100, a lamb walked in and weighed 20kg ( looking about 40kg). Backed it up, the Prattley went to zero, same thing happened...

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