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  1. davieh3350

    Super thick engine oil problem

    Big 200kva Cummins generator at work here has an odd thing going on with it. it’s been running around a year now, clocked up 9500 hours or so, been serviced usually to within 40-50 (It runs day and night so not long I’m going over) hours of its due times. went to change the oil yesterday, I’ve...
  2. davieh3350

    Another what’s this.

  3. davieh3350

    Argyll sports cars

    Got to meet a pretty cool lad yesterday. Stories he had were amazing. this is his creation
  4. davieh3350

    Lathe from Bath to Pitlochry

    Going to go look at this lathe In Bath in a few days time, then possibly another couple of machines further north. Want a rough idea of price to take it north. Over 3 tons and about 10 foot long.
  5. davieh3350

    What’s this?

    Any ideas?
  6. davieh3350

    “Different“ place to work.

    The folks I work for in Iceland are after staff to work in their cafe/restaurant/hotel. Would be a pretty cool place to go work for a season. Pay is ok, work doesn’t seem too hard, accommodation is ok, food is excellent, scenery is amazing. if you know someone who would like a job I can pass on...
  7. davieh3350

    Anyone got an empty workshop...

    I´m headed home from Iceland in June and I´m going to shift workshop from up in the hills to somewhere with a 3 phase supply, got somewhere in mind and it should be ok for what I want (I´m going to take a year or two out to concentrate on a few of my projects and do a few more tours back up...
  8. davieh3350

    Case study: Is she scared of getting hurt again?

    I like people and their behaviour, I like the woman, she has lots of good things going for her, don't think she does things for twisted reasons, but she's a tough one to work out... So... Been slowly getting to know a woman at work who's ex had cheated on her, we were getting on reasonably...
  9. davieh3350

    Repairing tenancies

    I think that's the correct name for them, but does anyone know about them for houses/farms (I'm in Scotland) There's a few farms with houses that are sat empty on a large estate here, the land is getting grazed by the estate at the moment. My idea was to approach the manager and inquire about...
  10. davieh3350

    Where has the page list gone

    When I look at a thread I can jump to new but can't see how to get to the next page or go back the way. Using a shitty iPhone
  11. davieh3350

    Fendt spares for Iceland.

    Anyone know of a supplier of new and/or used parts for Fendts that would send stuff to Iceland. When I was up there the farm I was at had a couple of break downs on their machine and there was no spares in the country, had to get sent up from the uk through their dealers, but I think they are...
  12. davieh3350

    Emails not getting delivered?

    How often do emails fail to arrive? Im using yahoo and I've sent a few messages in the last few months that go unanswered. Some were to bigger companies that were possibly not interested in the jobs I had for them, but friends I've mailed have never responded, my mother got one from me and...
  13. davieh3350

    Tipping the cab on a John Deere 6420

    ive landed up on a farm where they've a 6420 with a leak coming from a hose or something else under the cab. He's waiting for someone to come show/help him how it's done, but been he's been waiting for ages and no sign of him and grass is getting knocked down and it's needed. Told him I'd pick...
  14. davieh3350

    Crankshaft re grind

    who do you use? Old 474 has its out and is needing a tidy up, I messaged a couple of companies last week asking for a rough idea of price to do the job but never heard back from them.
  15. davieh3350


    Anyone been out there for a visit, worked there or are there farmers from Iceland on here? Thinking about the next mini adventure...
  16. davieh3350

    Cool stuff.

    Stuff seen on tinterweb that's not shocking enough to go in wtf
  17. davieh3350

    Dead weight price of tamworth pork?

    6 pigs left and want them away without the hassle of processing and finding a market for it, 10 month old, 65-75 kg dead weight appx. Slow grown rotovators. I've contacted a butcher who is keen on taking it. What would you charge per kg? I want reasonable money, but want them away...
  18. davieh3350

    Small flock of sheep

    Wanting to re home my 45 blackface/hebridean ewes and 11 pure (not registered Hebridean ewes) wild wee feckers, but are very healthy and don't seem to give up and die too easily. Make an offer...
  19. davieh3350

    Lathe, mills, drills, slotters, shapers and grinders (not angle grinders)

    Thought I'd start a thread for machine tool jobs. What you've been doing on your lathe, mill or drills, slot cutters and if anyone is lucky enough to have a surface/cylindrical grinder. Today's job (mine's on the right at the bottom) had to copy this wee shaft for a lads board edger. The...
  20. davieh3350

    Highland cattle ring feeders

    4 Ritchie highland ring feeders. 120 each.

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