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  1. Bob lincs

    Well said Boris .

    I’ve just watched the news report where Boris has a pop at the BBC regarding their decision not to sing the words of land of hope and glory in case they offend someone... well done that man well said .
  2. Bob lincs

    What are these for

    Anyone know what these are ? Hooked end on the handles and hollow jaws that don’t meet . ??
  3. Bob lincs

    Some people are unbelievable

    Along side of our farm my wife owns and runs a large cafe and truck stop , we have managed to keep this open during the lockdown period serving the general pubic and many HGV drivers . It’s been a very difficult time and my wife and all the staff have worked really hard to keep things ticking...
  4. Bob lincs

    Changing fuel filters

    How often do you change fuel filters on machines ? . We have always changed the filters at every service as i have been it the mindset that i dont want to be doing it in the middle of a field on a sunday afternoon , but now some of our tractors the fuel filters are in the region of £170 a pair ...
  5. Bob lincs

    New Jimny

    Spotted this today at a local Suzuki dealer ........ 40 k !!!!
  6. Bob lincs

    Pallet dollies

    Pallet dollies to take a standard size pallet , also really useful if a board is placed on top for laying on and looking under machines . 10 available £25 each
  7. Bob lincs

    Four Furrow trailed plough .

    Four Forrow trailed plough. I think it’s a Ransomes but I may be wrong about that . Looks complete and in good condition.Located A17 Holbeach . We can load if required.
  8. Bob lincs

    John Deere 750 A closing wheels . New .

    36 taken off from new , £20 each
  9. Bob lincs

    Coil 3.5 m

    Coil 3.5 m , Built fron heavy box section , Never used . Scrapers and bar included .£350 £350
  10. Bob lincs

    Toilet roll

  11. Bob lincs

    Horse drawn seed drill (free)

    Horse drawn seed drill , very good condition not seized up . Always stored inside . Free to anyone willing to collect from the PE13 area . 07961 448052 Robert
  12. Bob lincs

    Field measuring program for pc

    Could anyone recommend a good field measure program for a pc .i have a good app on my iPad but I don’t think it works on a pc .
  13. Bob lincs

    Confused Vegans

    I’m away on holiday at the moment and today we have had a day on the beach .At lunch time I walked up to the beach bar to order some food , next to me stood an English couple quizzing one of the staff and I couldn’t believe what I was hearing . They firstly said loudly and proudly they were...
  14. Bob lincs

    Lorry rear diff ratios

    Would anyone have a rough idea what rear diff ratio would be on an easily available rear axel off a tractor unit ? Something like a 420 scania or Volvo . I’ve have a idea for a project but need to know this info before I can go any further .
  15. Bob lincs

    12v electric heater

    I’m looking for a good 12v electric heater to fit in our digger cab , I’m really suffering with cold legs and feet and it’s not even that cold yet . Any suggestions???
  16. Bob lincs

    Boots Buckler Hybridz

    I’ve had a pair of Buckler Hybridz boots for 8 wks now and can only say they are the most comfortable warmest boots I have ever owned. I have been wearing V12 slip on boots for years as I found lace ups uncomfortable but these are great . Anyone else tried them ?
  17. Bob lincs

    Loading pictures to classified adds

    Can anyone help please , I can’t load pics to classified adds I can browse for them and select but then they won’t load .
  18. Bob lincs

    Best tasting/ most versatile potatoe

    Not sure if this has been done before but what are people’s thoughts on the above ? I picked out half a bag of Eurostar for baking at a friends a month ago and they were really nice , last week I got half a bag of markies they definitely don’t taste as good baked and won’t mash at all .
  19. Bob lincs

    Solar/battery security camera system

    We’re having a lot of problems with break ins at a remote yard with no mains power , can anyone recommend a decent camera system that is battery / solar powered . There are plenty of cheap kits on the internet but I want something professional that will last .
  20. Bob lincs

    Kverneland LO85 hyd depth wheel

    Hi . Is anyone useing a KV LO 85/300 with a hyd depth wheel ? If so are they any good and worth fitting ? We really want one to make it easier and quicker backing in furrows on headlands .

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