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  1. Victor

    Mchale pickup tines

    Have had to replace around 50 pickup tines in the last 2 yrs and just wondering if anyone else have had this problem Baler about 3 yrs old and done 14000 bales so not a lot All broken tines are original tines Have never had this problem with previous McHales I've had so is it just my baler or...
  2. Victor

    My cat made a friend

    Not a very good picture but can you see the ginges friend
  3. Victor

    Whats my combine worth

    Got a 1984 John Deere 1055 combine to sell 3260 hrs12 ft header Reasonable condition for age working order {did 50 acres lastyear} What would be the value please Thanks in advance
  4. Victor

    Nicola sturgeon and the gorilla

    Not good at puter butanybody see the bbc breakfast mistake Just type in the title on YouTube and hopefully it will come up
  5. Victor

    Bbc breakfast hedgehogs

    i see bbc at a hedgehog shelter today who are saying loads more hedgehog coming in Place is in Gloucester I wonder why?
  6. Victor

    shortest withdrawal fluke dose

    Now that closamectin has doubled its withdrawal period what other treatments are there with shorter withdrawal time Thanksgiving in advance Vic
  7. Victor

    JWD tractor picture

    Just looking through my parents photo albums and saw this Remember these tractors Anybody got one or had one? This one was at the Cornwall show Sorry can't seem to rotate picture and for the quality
  8. Victor

    McHale f5500 chain oiler

    Can't find my instruction book Could someone tell me which way you turn the oiler screw to lower the flow rate on the automatic chain oiler Much appreciated
  9. Victor

    Do you think she'll keep the bale turning

    Got some small fields and narrow gates to do later Do you think she'll cope
  10. Victor

    What can I buy with 35p

    Waiting a while to wash out at slaughter house and found the grand sum of 35p in my truck Got me thinking what can I buy with 35p nowadays Couldn't think of much
  11. Victor

    Depreciation question

    If you buy 2 new tractors 1 is £100k 1 is £80k If you kept them for 5 yrs and they then were sold with same amount of hours First one sold for £75k Second one for £55k Is the depreciation the same or is it different First tractor lost 25% of original price while the second tractor lost over...
  12. Victor

    Value of a welger ap52 small baler

    Is there anyone out there know the value of a welger sp52 small baler Was used 2 years ago but don't need it anymore Pickup ratchet stopped working hence the string
  13. Victor

    Adblue question

    In the storm we had couple of days ago barn door blew open and wind blew the adblue dispensing pipe on to floor getting it bit mucky on end inside and out Can I wash this pipe and if so with what Don't want to contaminate the adblue Pipe on the end of a 200 litre drum with hand pump
  14. Victor

    Ready for my holidays

    Sorry to anyone that hates ploughing but I look forward to ploughing days and jokingly call it my holidays Course it helps with a new toy to plough with too
  15. Victor

    To spread fert or Not?

    Got a field I silaged about a month or so ago and it has greened up a bit even with not much rain Bit of rain forecast overnight tonight so should I put fert on or no Forcast is for it to go dry again on Sunday So should I spread some or wait and leave it in the shed? Thanks
  16. Victor

    Mccormick MC powershift problem

    Just happened tonight. Got on the tractor and found it would be ok in 1st powershift but when putting the button to 2nd nothing then on to 3rd on the button the powershift goes to 4th speed and nothing on the button for 4th so in effect ive just1st and 4th speed but 4th is actuated when button...
  17. Victor

    Sad day today

    Sad day today it was the last livestock sale at Hatherleigh Market Been going there for most of my life and will miss it Have to stay home and work on a Thursday now Wish all the staff there well in the future
  18. Victor

    Kubota m7 opinions

    So 2 yrs or so in from the launch of the kubota what are users opinions Fuel use. Power etc
  19. Victor

    Spot the dog

    As title can you see the dog? Just a bit of fun
  20. Victor

    Electricity prices

    Don't know where this should be but need to renew contract Current supplier wants 17p day and 8p night Anyone got any prices lately Thanks

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