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  1. Mcnulty24

    This years wool

    Without wishing to start a wool board debate, I have 10 bags in the shed. Is it worth keeping to send to the board next year or send it off now. ta
  2. Mcnulty24

    Wanted sheepdog pup

    Looking for a sheepdog pup, happy to travel, based salisbury Ideally short coated dog from strong parents that will move and pen sheep.
  3. Mcnulty24

    NZ romney rams for sale

    4 NZ Romney rams, bought as shearlings at the Wairere auction 2017. Selected on high EBVs for number of lambs, lamb survival and worm resistance. Need to move them on as their daughters are now part of the flock and time for some new blood. Not worked hard, covered around 60 ewes each, never...
  4. Mcnulty24

    Wanted weaners

    Looking for three weaners to fatten up outdoors. Ideally meat breed x traditional. Located nr salisbury Thanks
  5. Mcnulty24

    Black bag

    Get a few of these each year, save some ewes depending on how soon I catch it. I understand it is caused by E coli in the environment. Ewes are romneys and whilst crutched out are still carrying a bit of wool near the udder, they like to lie around at the base of the trees and under the hedges...
  6. Mcnulty24

    Beddy whippet pups wanted

    Any around in the south? Ideally rough coated. Thanks
  7. Mcnulty24

    Ifor williams canopy 2001 ranger double cab

    Looking for a second hand canopy for a 2001 double cab ranger.
  8. Mcnulty24

    Securing mobile handling systems

    How do people stop their handling systems getting nicked. Mine is in a locked shed but wonder if there is anything I can do to it to make it less easy to make off with. Ta
  9. Mcnulty24

    Prattley standard yard for sale Still available
  10. Mcnulty24

    Abortion vaccine advice

    My main flock is vaccinated for toxo and enzo, since we had a campy outbreak a couple of years ago we vaccinate our own replacements when they come into the flock. We upped the numbers and bought in a bunch of ewes with no vaccination history. Plan was to run the two flocks apart until...
  11. Mcnulty24

    Grazing vineyards

    Evening Been offered some grazing over the winter in a vineyard, anyone done this before. The sheep will be out before the vines bud in the spring. Any thoughts very welcome Ta
  12. Mcnulty24

    Texel x ewe lambs wanted

    Looking for 80 or so texel x mule, texel x lleyn or similar ewe lambs to run over the winter. Located on the Wilts/Hants border. Thanks
  13. Mcnulty24

    Kent half breed

    Anyone run these? Thinking of trying a lleyn or highlander across some of my romney ewes. Hoping it might add a bit of prolificacy to the replacements but have some concerns I will lose the robustness of the romney. We dry up in the summer and grass can be tight, the romneys tend to bounce...
  14. Mcnulty24

    Baycox treatment

    Treated the lambs for cocci this afternoon and looking to move onto a new bite of grass. Is it the same deal with cocci as with worms? Leave them on the dirty pasture for a few days before a move? Or can they be moved sooner. Thanks
  15. Mcnulty24

    Modifying a prattley weigh crate

    I have a prattley 3 way drafting crate that works well when I get it to the sheep. I am by myself and shifting it round is a pain. Anyone fitted wheels to it to help move it around? Ideally that I could put on and take off, any pics would be much appreciated. Thanks
  16. Mcnulty24

    Anyone mend their own energisers?

    i have a few that have packed up and would like to have a tinker. where did you get the spare bits from? Anything online to help? Thanks
  17. Mcnulty24

    Pricing store lambs

    long story short, I have too many lambs and not enough turnips to finish them on so looking to sell some as stores. They are pure romneys and the majority are mid thirty kgs with some larger/smaller. There are around 200 of them. Prices in the market look quite good but not sure that romney...
  18. Mcnulty24

    Wanted - trained kelpie

    i have a friend looking for a trained kelpie, anyone got anything suitable? Thanks
  19. Mcnulty24

    Full height dog guard

    I have taken the back seats out of my terrano, great for carry things around but the dogs now have the habit of sticking their heads between the front seat. For their safety and mine I need to get a dog guard/mesh bulk head. A dog box would be an answer but I would have to keep taking it in and...
  20. Mcnulty24

    Seasonal/annual variation in trace elements

    Looking to take bloods this year to get a picture of the trace element situation for the lambs and ewes on the farm. As the rainfall/temperature/grass growth varies each year I assume that the TE content of the grass will vary from year to year. Do people take boods every year and then...

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