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  1. Irish NZ

    Antibiotic failures.

    Not sure not had any experience of it thankfully. Had a mate fail last year had the call very quickly after the tanker left his place at 3am may have been coincidence tho. Had a 2am phone call from fonterra once my heart sank. Turns out the chiller on the 2nd vat failed and they...
  2. Irish NZ

    Staff using phones while milking.

    Your supplying them with free wifi?
  3. Irish NZ

    Antibiotic failures.

    Separate group always. Reading some of these comments has me breaking out in a cold sweat. Fonterra generally have you bent over and have gone in dry by the tanker has made it to the depo.
  4. Irish NZ

    DD on livestock farm

    What did you drill it with?
  5. Irish NZ

    All things Dairy

    As it's a picture thread. Some slightly different cow feed. Kiwifruit. Cows love it
  6. Irish NZ

    New Zealand fresian

    Same and I also live in nz... I'll figure it out at some stage
  7. Irish NZ

    Fastrack 8330. Robinson Farms

    I'm sure the operator would love a 10acre field as well. He mentioned on 1 of his videos his biggest field is 5500acres
  8. Irish NZ

    Fastrack 8330. Robinson Farms

    That post has been removed already... The way I read the post was it was in comparison to the other tractors they run side by side and they weren't doing the goods plus bad back up lead to this post.
  9. Irish NZ

    Fastrack 8330. Robinson Farms

    Not a great advertisement when they share this to there nearly 70,000 followers.
  10. Irish NZ

    Where have all the flours gone?

    Problem over here is they can't get hold of the bags because they were coming out of China. 10kg and 25kg bags have been available in supermarkets on and off. Always seem to miss out when they are available. It does appear people have only just twiged that you can bake at home aswell....
  11. Irish NZ

    Cows eating stones

    What are they wintered on? Get some out to look at your cows and do some blood work. No point getting all the experts on here you haven't seen your cows giving diagnosis it'll only muddy the water more. (Not saying anyone is right or wrong to it could have some compounding effects so more than...
  12. Irish NZ

    tractor hire with operator

    Your getting them unfortunately it's just not what you want to hear.... Fencing is a whole other trade in itself. It's not simply a case of hooking on a driver to the tractor and banging away. Might be worth working along side a top fencer for a few years and then go on your own. You won't...
  13. Irish NZ

    Shinagins on the road

    I stand corrected
  14. Irish NZ

    Shinagins on the road

    Looks like the road into Bantry if my not mistaken
  15. Irish NZ

    New toy day

    Wagon new, tractor new to me. Arrived 3weeks ago. Not as flash as some of the cropping guys here but was a buzz around the farm when it arrived. My first tractor and (my first new tractor) arriving on 31/5/19. Maxxum 140
  16. Irish NZ

    Avocado: the 'green gold' causing environment havoc

    Same. Can't beat some Avo on toast for breakfast. Prices are crazy over here but the frustrating part is they are grown just over an hour away.... problem competing with the export market
  17. Irish NZ

    Feeding Dairy... Lactating and Dry Cows?

    Always thought of it more as someone sent into exile.
  18. Irish NZ

    Awesome job and trip of a lifetime all rolled into 1 There is a pretty awesome job working for a pretty cool Turkey in a great part of the world up in the job section.... just thought it might get some more traction here
  19. Irish NZ

    Situation Vacant Nz herd manger job.

    Position Available For the first time in 5 years we have a 2ic/herd manager position available, this position is best suited to an experienced farmer(ideally 2-3years) looking to upskill to farm manger/leasee/equity partner position in the next few years, you would be running the farm side by...
  20. Irish NZ

    Milk Price Tracker

    I'm planning on following what happens over there when the milk price drops.... feed more to make up for drop in income. 70mm in the past 48hours, 20mm+ last week and some coming in at the weekend we're pretty well set til feb. Hopefully it won't be like last summer. Most people are down on...

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