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    the cost / price of parts

    i priced up a gasket set for the compressor on my N H combine £250 this seems rather high as i bought a complete worshop compresor with motor for less
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    What advice would you give to a young farmer ?

    what i would say enjoy it if you don't get enjoyment from it dont do it take your time when doing a job and do it properly, when people look at the work you've done they never ask how long it took,as i was once told there's nowt got by rushin only kids , and most of all do the sums if it don't...
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    any one changed K V no eights to twenty eights opinions please

    our kv reversible is in need of new bodies and we were thinking to change to 28 to enable it to be used by tractors with wider tyres has any one done it and was it worth while ?does it turn the furrow any better ?
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    seed drill what to change for

    at the moment we run a vaderstad rapid 4mtr and we are thinking of changing for something newer we have no particular issues with the drill we have it does a good job and is well built , but we are thinking we should buy something a bit newer , but what would be the advantage of buying a vadi...
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    Nostalgia, how far back can you remember ?

    my first memories of farm life are in the fifties, i was brought up on a small cheshire mixed farm, dairy, beef pigs, poultry, and sheep.We also grew potatoes cereals and green crop,its hard to believe it all fit in on less than eighty acres! the work was done by horses two shires and a...
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    who has moved farm sold up and gone somewhere else to farm

    about thirty years ago i sold up and moved , it was a steep learning curve , what with land agents, and getting use to new people,and a different climate
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    baler wrappers

    what should one look out for when buying a baler wrapper around here there are a lot of mc hale machines what about the john deere or any of the others

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