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    Wanted.. Ryeland ewes.

    A few Ryeland ewes or ewe lambs. Ideally Derbyshire but will travel. Thanks.
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    Pedigree Simmental bull.

    Thorncliff konka p Sire Darsham playboy. Dam Sterling graces saffron. 15 months old, ready to work. Needs to be gone ASAP. His pen pal has had to go in with a group of cows as my stock bull has broken his leg. Bvd, ibr, lepto accredited. Johnes level 1. Tb tested ready to go. £1600 for a quick...
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    Maternal tup for Texels

    What are your thoughts on a maternal tup to put over mainly 3/4 texels for breeding replacement ewes? We are just finishing lambing and I’ve had to intervene with to many, what breeds are going to inject some maternal traits back into the flock. Thanks.
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    Jcb 520-40 spread a bale

    Anyone out there using a 520 40 with a spread a bale? Or would it not handle one? Thanks
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    Bull sales/showing experience.

    If anyone needs a extra pair of free hands at bull sales or shows (preferably Simmental) but beggars can’t be choosers. Let me know. For the last 10years I’ve been building a pedigree herd of Simmental cattle, the next step is to start doing the odd show. Could do with some experience on the...
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    Show prepping calves.

    Does anyone have any decent links on how to show prep beef calves?? Ps I’m a total novice.
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    Wet ground???

    I have a block of ground that seems to hold surface water more than the rest of my land. All land is the same soil type, all on limestone and all very similar elevation. Would using a slitter/aerator help the situation? Never done any before so any help is much appreciated.
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    New Holland Tm

    Thinking about upgrading our loader tractor later this year, can someone explain tm’s to me. Different transmissions? Is a classic four gears and dual power? Etc At what point do they go up in size? is a tm 155 wider, longer etc than a 125? Do they make good loader tractors or are they a little...
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    Portable milking machine.

    Has anyone got any recommendations for a small portable milking machine? Only To collect colostrum off a few beef cows for calving/lambing. Thanks.
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    Isuzu d max

    Isuzu d max Utah. 63 plate Dark blue 56000 miles Leather and heated seats Good condition Full Isuzu service history. No canopy. £13500 no vat.
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    Yamaha grizzly 350

    Hello, my yam grizzly 350 electronic 4wd switch has stopped, anyone got any ideas fuse? Etc. Also won’t rev out sounds like it’s running on choke, always has clean fuel in so shouldn’t be dirt in the carb. Thanks
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    New Holland skid steer

    Anyone know what the 123 operate button does? Only had it 3 years and still don’t know!! Cheers
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    Spinner for tine Harrow. Thinking of mounting one of these on my tine Harrows for doing a bit of poached ground and overseeing, a little cheaper that the stocks ones!! Anyone see any problems?? Cheers
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    Reseed or not reseed??

    Looking for options on one of my main fields for grazing sucklers, Would like to plough and reseed as its been probably 40years since last done, but if it’s as wet as last summer it soon treads up with the cows on. What other options have I got? Been looking at DD but don’t really know much...
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    Cattle embryo storage?

    Can I store cattle embryos in my ai flask or do they need a special flask? Cheers
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    What's it worth? (Grass)

    ive got 7 acres of last years seeds that I don't really need to round bale, thinking about offering it to the local dairy farm to chop, what do you think it worth stood up? Big crop, no weed, lots of clover. thanks.
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    Semex vouchers

    £75 worth of semex AI vouchers, came with a the diy ai course. Don't fancy any of the sim bulls! Open to offers.
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    Popes laird

    Hi, Has anyone got any experience with popes laird on maiden heifers? Got a tidy heifer due in bulling over the next couple of days, never used laird before, and can't find any figures. Cheers
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    Spreading fert??

    Hi. Is it ok to spread fert with no rain forecast next week?? Does it take any harm just sat on the grass? Cheers
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    What they worth?? (Lim x blue)

    1 lim x blue heifer 1 lim x blue steer, both 11 months old, nice shape, potentially make commercial show cattle. How much do you folks think there worth?? Cheers.

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