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    Film wrap rather than netwrap

    What round balers can put on film wrap as well as netwrap, some talk of a nh br750 being able to and newer combi wrapper balers. Wanting to put a layer of wrap over straw to be left in the field and fed to cattle on stubble turnips. Tia
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    Claydon 3m

    Looking for a 3m Claydon. Thanks
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    Feeding fodder beet

    If we were to replace some of the barley in our intensive barley finishing ration with beet at a ratio of 5 of beet to one of barley. Fully balanced with protein and fibre, what percentage of the barley could we replace, 50%,.....70%,... all of it.......?? Just trying to make things cheaper and...
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    Cultivators: Other -

    Cultivators: Other - Category: Cultivators Manufacturer: Other Price: £4500 Condition: Used Description: Rolmako 3 Meter stubble cultivator. Very little work! 7 leg, sprung and shearbolt protection. Discs and packer Takes Lemken parts. In Dorset Can deliver at extra cost...
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    Farm Tractors: Massey Ferguson - 7618

    Farm Tractors: Massey Ferguson - 7618 Category: Farm Tractors Manufacturer: Massey Ferguson Price: £45000 Condition: Used Description: Massey Ferguson 7618 2014 4380 hours 50k air brakes 4 spools Quicke loader brackets Front linkage Front and cab suspension Isobus...

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