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    Your chance to help design ELMS

    Environmental Land Management - Defra Director answers Farming Forum members questions about the new scheme
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    The Land Army Jobs

    Worth highlighting as its free for another 24 hours: Post job ads for free until midnight tonight (30th June) The Land Army jobs board will be live to applicants from the 1st of July. To celebrate our launch, farms can post job adverts free of charge until 30th June 2020, with each post...
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    Pictures from Grassland Shows gone by....

    A virtual show is going to be lacking pictures, so how about adding your pictures from Grassland and Muck shows from recent years... @Andyrob from Grassland and Muck 2017 on the @KUHN Farm Machinery (UK) stand and sporting a Massey hat!
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    Show Notice

    Virtual Grassland and Muck is a show put on by Agri Web Media Ltd and shown on The Farming Forum, Facebook and Twitter. The show was put on to replace the Grassland and Muck Show 2020 which was cancelled this year. Virtual Grassland has no affiliation with the official Grassland and Muck Show...
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    Social Media Usage in Agriculture

    We are also running a survey this year - our first. It is completely anonymous and also raises money for a good cause - please take a bit of time to complete it. And as a Thank You for participating in this survey, for every completed survey...
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    Red Tractor Inspection Announcement - COVID 19

    After we raised the issue of a TFF member who was facing losing status if he didn't allow an inspection to happen, despite having at risk members of his family on farm. Lots of support for the farmer on TFF< Twitter and Facebook. Red Tractor have backed down from this ridiculous position and...
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    New Competition - Find Fred the Fluke!

    Fred the Fluke is back! Sustainable Liver Fluke Control – Recognise the Vulnerable Areas To be in with a chance of winning a Bose Bluetooth Speaker find ‘Fred the Fluke’ at Enter the Liver Fluke Risk Areas Competition Below and Find Fred the Fluke! Over the last decade...
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    Why Marshalls dairy farm going organic?

    Young Sussex Farmer of the Year 2019 - Kate - tells why Marshalls dairy farm is going organic. Kate, a third generation farmer, is the director and dairy herd manager at Marshalls Farm. Using her Animal Science degree, and experience gained from dairy farming in New Zealand, she has adapted the...
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    Competition - Win your nations Rugby Shirt

    As the six nations championships continue Yara are giving farmers from each home nation a chance to win an official rugby jersey in our free draw when buying a booster range fertiliser Enter by Clicking Here Four lucky winners, one each from England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland will each win...
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    Is the move from BPS to ELMs going to be "Good" or "Bad" for your farm?

    Lets see a show of hands....
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    Enter the Liver Fluke Risk Areas Competition and Find Fred the Fluke!

    Sustainable Liver Fluke Control – Recognise the Vulnerable Areas To be in with a chance of winning a Bose Bluetooth Speaker find ‘Fred the Fluke’ at Enter the Liver Fluke Risk Areas Competition Below and Find Fred the Fluke! Over the last decade, liver fluke has spread...
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    Win 10 tonnes of Nitram

    Nitrogen fertiliser utilisation efficiency (NfUE) is a useful indicator when making grassland nutrition choices. It tells you precisely how much of your valuable N is reaching plants and how much is being lost to the atmosphere or left in the ground. Numerous trials over many years have shown...
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    Roller Mills

    Question from Email: "Hi. I am looking for a roller mill, there is a Dangri make they don't come PTO drive but they say would sell one with out the electric motor so i thought i could put a pto drive shaft on if would it stand a pto drive."
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    How to add a video to the Farm TV section

    Step 1: Select the green "Post Thread" button at the top or press Step 2: Give your thread a title: Step 3: Press the media buttton: Step 4: Copy the URL of the Video from YouTube or Vimeo and post it in the box and press continue: Step 5: Then click "Post Thread button at...
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    Most Popular 270+hp Tractor Poll

    Well it depends on what you class as big, but if you bought one, which of the top four big brands did you go for? Any why? We are expecting to see a lot of new models at Agritechnica so interesting to see what is top of the TFF list currently.
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    Tractor registration

    Request by Email: My brother has a ford 4100 purchased new from Motag Ltd in Hexham shire and has part regards of --K616R and is looking to find this to get a V5. The tractor was purchased new by Mr Henderson of burnt tongues farm in Allendale, Northumberland. Hope you can help, regards will
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    SongBird Survival

    What is behind the continuing decline of our songbirds today? What are the underlying reasons and what potential solutions should be investigated? SongBird Survival is committed to finding out the answers to these questions through commissioning quality scientific research into the issue. This...
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    Krone swadro 2000 hay rake

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    Purple Livestock Tags

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