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    John Deere 7290r

    Open to offers 07799074583
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    Direct/Strip-till drilling photo gallery

    Mid Dorset Wheat drilled 8th Feb, the field was wheat then drilled with turnips grazed by cows that finished the field around New year but only came dry in Feb to drill. This year we plan for some of the ex wb ground to go to turnips and start grazing in Sept to then go into wheat end...
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    Direct/Strip-till drilling photo gallery

    Spring Barley drilled the 26th March, Sumo Dts, after stubble turnips, previous crop being wheat with the intention of putting in a 2nd wheat after grass in December/Jan but it was just to wet. First spring with the Dts having purchased a used 4 meter in January. Very impressed. Mid Dorset...
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    Film wrap rather than netwrap

    A couple extra turns of wrap and the water wouldn't of got it though....??
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    Film wrap rather than netwrap

    What round balers can put on film wrap as well as netwrap, some talk of a nh br750 being able to and newer combi wrapper balers. Wanting to put a layer of wrap over straw to be left in the field and fed to cattle on stubble turnips. Tia
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    Amazing new technology

    Anybody used it? I have requested a trial on their website, whether or not I'm the wrong side of the world for them to be interested I'll wait and see.
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    Claydon 3m

    Looking for a 3m Claydon. Thanks
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    12 month Bull beef

    Budget on 1.5 tonne from 180kg, (over a weighbridge figure) include more if they’re coming to you younger. Do some accurate figures!.....some will die, some won’t grow as fast as you had hoped and the feed price can do a lot in 6 months. The muck back from them onto the arable ground is great...
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    John Deere 9780i Straw chopper

    Did you have any luck with this? Our 9780 has started doing the same and we can't work it out. Thanks
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    New diet for black and white bullocks

    I’ve seen your costings on the price tracker.... We have had finishers being fed 950kg of barley and 50kg of a 60% protein finishing blend (Beef 60) from DB Agriculture. If it wasn’t for a local mill making us a product similar we would still be feeding it. It is a great product for finishing...
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    Feeding fodder beet

    In your experience of feeding beet have you found it to have a negative effect on intakes, or increase them with beet being very palatable?
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    Feeding fodder beet

    If we look at it from another angle, that next year beet isn’t worth that figure and there isn’t the demand either. So for instance I’ve drilled 50 acres of beet and it does 35 tonne/acre, spring barley only yields 2.5 tonne to the acre. At 5:1 I have the equivilate of 350 tonne of barley off 50...
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    Feeding fodder beet

    We would be looking to buy/grow a high dm variety. Potentially buying some in the new year to see how it feeds. If it works we would grow it to replace some of the barley in the ration, with a growing cost of say £550 per acre at 35 tonne, £15/tonne, 5kg to a kg of barley is a long way off...
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    Feeding fodder beet

    If we were to replace some of the barley in our intensive barley finishing ration with beet at a ratio of 5 of beet to one of barley. Fully balanced with protein and fibre, what percentage of the barley could we replace, 50%,.....70%,... all of it.......?? Just trying to make things cheaper and...
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    Cultivators: Other -

    Cultivators: Other - Category: Cultivators Manufacturer: Other Price: £4500 Condition: Used Description: Rolmako 3 Meter stubble cultivator. Very little work! 7 leg, sprung and shearbolt protection. Discs and packer Takes Lemken parts. In Dorset Can deliver at extra cost...
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    Subsoiler: Browns - Buster

    Is this still available? If so could you send me a number or call me on 07799074583
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    Farm Tractors: Massey Ferguson - 7618

    Farm Tractors: Massey Ferguson - 7618 Category: Farm Tractors Manufacturer: Massey Ferguson Price: £45000 Condition: Used Description: Massey Ferguson 7618 2014 4380 hours 50k air brakes 4 spools Quicke loader brackets Front linkage Front and cab suspension Isobus...

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