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    aveling and barford roller

    hoping some one can point us to some company that has knowledge of these hoping to find a manual as we have one and need to look at the cone clutches which are given trouble its a small ga sportsfield model with lister engine
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    fencing staple gun

    does anyone know of any of the hire companies that hire these machines please
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    ripping up a hedge

    just wanted to ask whats the latest date in the new year I can rip up 10meters of hedge outside my dads private house ,, or is there no rules for a private house thanks in advance
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    bentall rowlands

    been told today Bentall Rowlands gone into administration ,,,
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    advice on ticks

    one of the yard cats had a tick on her the other day ,, think just found one on one of the alpacas first time we ever had this ,,, gess they in the crass of the paddock ,,, can we spray or do any thing to get rid or do they just appear at certain times then go ???? any advice gratefully appreciated
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    dating a ifor trailer

    can you tell the age from the serial number or do you have to ring ifor with it please
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    hiab lorry from scunthorpe back to peterboro

    2.5t machine needing collecting from Scunthorpe and off loading peterboro please
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    road plainings wanted

    any plainings available peterborough area please
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    ashbourne to peterbourgh

    6 x 6m x 450mm dia twinwall drainage pipes from ashbourne to peterbourgh if anyone out that way please
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    road planning cambridgeshire

    any plannings coming up in next few months in north cambs area please
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    Harvesting Equipment - Grain drying and handling : Brice Baker - brice baker

    Harvesting Equipment - Grain drying and handling : Brice Baker - brice baker Category: Harvesting Equipment - Grain drying and handling Manufacturer: Brice Baker Price: Open to offers Condition: New Description: water tank or grain bin shed roof Images: See the full size images for this...
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    tractor tyre 24inch

    need a tractor tyre 8x24 thead not to important but must hold air ,, need to put on old tractor so can be move around yard not being put to work
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    flat bed duxford to newmarket 2 trips

    looking for flat bed for two trips to suit haulier 10 feet wide 5 tons ,,,,,, duxford to newmarket
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    blimey convoy on tv 1978 certainly takes you back 10-4
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    euro auctions

    massive amount of tractors in there next sale ,,,, has someone fell out with cheffins ??
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    getting desperate,,,, my shares in butterkiss are falling ,,,,,, not seen anyone start a 2018 which pick up and which trailer topic yet
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    little leyland 154

    does anyone know if the made a front weight frame for these ? and if am lucky is there someone i could get a picture of it to build one or perhaps one for sale
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    tractor rear tyre

    looking for a 8 x 24 tractor rear tyre
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    hew agr research center

    local news tonite ,,, going to build a new center nr cambridge for research to find new ways to produce crops and food ,,,, made me smile they going to use green field farmland to build it on and employ 4000 staff ,,,,, and seem to remember we had loads of research farms when it was adas years...
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    drafty roof

    not quite farming ,,, but it is a farmhouse ,,,,, i have a unfelted slate roof ,, i cant afford to strip and felt ,,, there is lots of fibre glass layed in loft , but just wondered if i could staple breather paper roofing felt on the underside of the rafters to help with the cold drafts ,,, but...

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