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  1. Irish NZ

    Fastrack 8330. Robinson Farms

    Not a great advertisement when they share this to there nearly 70,000 followers.
  2. Irish NZ

    Awesome job and trip of a lifetime all rolled into 1 There is a pretty awesome job working for a pretty cool Turkey in a great part of the world up in the job section.... just thought it might get some more traction here
  3. Irish NZ

    Situation Vacant Nz herd manger job.

    Position Available For the first time in 5 years we have a 2ic/herd manager position available, this position is best suited to an experienced farmer(ideally 2-3years) looking to upskill to farm manger/leasee/equity partner position in the next few years, you would be running the farm side by...
  4. Irish NZ

    Situation Vacant 3 nz dairy farming positions

    Hi We have 3 jobs coming up in June in New Zealand in the Waikato region on the north island. These jobs are on 3 different farm all within 20mins drive of each other. 280cow farm with 26aside herringbone and feed pad 600cow farm with 40aside herringbone and feed pad 950cow farm with 54 bale...
  5. Irish NZ

    Keenan does a U turn.

    So not sure has this been spoken about before on here but this just popped up on my Facebook feed..... Is this the opposite of what they stand for?
  6. Irish NZ

    Viewer discretion is advised

    Some truly disturbing scenes on the interislander ferry as a vegan saw some chilled out happy sheep:ROFLMAO: Sorry bout the click bait title :)
  7. Irish NZ

    More scum we need to worry about

    I know everyone have different problems to deal with but at least most of you don't have to deal with things like these. Happened not from me. I'm thankful we're well off the road...
  8. Irish NZ

    A slippery slope setting a dangerous precedent. What could be a land mark court case. Paving get the way for any clown to cross you land trip over a stone and BOOM he's in the money. Insurance premiums could get...
  9. Irish NZ

    Is it time we make milk and meat a protected term?

    So this has been buzzing around my head for quite some time. I'm getting sick of seeing soy milk, almond milk and f*cking rice milk being advertised none of which is actually MILK just some cloudy water with a list of ingredients longer than my arm and now with some fruit loops in a lab...

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