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  1. Bramble

    Mulika milling problems??

    Anyone else having problems moving to mills? Was told this morning mills have stopped taking it due to low sulphur levels causing baking problems. Fine on all the other tests 350 hag, 15 protein, no ergot, DON/ZON all fine etc etc
  2. Bramble

    3 point linkage drawbar

    Looking for something heavy duty enough to pull a 4m rapid and 4.6m Cultipress, rather than wearing out the hitch on my tractor. Anything around before I make myself one??
  3. Bramble

    Dairy Contract Consultation - DEFRA

    Anyone else filled it in....?? Or is everyone happy with how things are?
  4. Bramble

    In calf dairy heifers

    Not having ever bought any, what would I have to pay?? would be due in the autumn, out of a 8000lt herd, all black and white?
  5. Bramble

    Autumn calving dairy heifers/cows

    Looking for a group of 20-40 in calf dairy heifers/cows due Sept/Oct/Nov
  6. Bramble

    JCB Q fit headstock

    After a worn out Q fit headstock off a JCB, doesn't matter if the pin holes are all worn out. Anyone got one lying around?
  7. Bramble

    Manitou to JCB adapter plate

    Looking for an adapter plate to go from Manitou headstock to JCB fittings if anyone has one
  8. Bramble

    New Holland LM435 wanted

    Any out there for sale?
  9. Bramble

    Burnt out machinery

    Managed to burn out an old 3CX last night, electrical fire probably. Anyway, it’s totally destroyed, cab, no tyres etc and it’s not insured for fire. Anywhere to sell it to, or is it just straight to the scrapyard with it?
  10. Bramble

    TM 190 free flow oil return

    Any idea where the correct place is to fit one on a NH TM190? At the moment it’s fitted directly above the top link pin. BUT it running Rapid on it and with the fan at 4000rpm oil from the return is blowing out of the breather plug that’s on the other side of the spool block. Has anyone...
  11. Bramble

    Wheat volunteers to harvest???

    I'm beginning to contemplate taking some of our autumn cultivated fields through to harvest. Am I just getting desperate, any idea if it might work? So far I've nothing drilled at all out of 350 acres, all the ground was sumoed and rolled last autumn, normally we would only have a very small...
  12. Bramble

    Massey 698 PTO broken

    The PTO on our old Massey 698 won’t engage this afternoon. Bit of a problem as it is on the feeder wagon. Any ideas what’s wrong? Clutch pack plates?? How to repair it, split the tractor, cab off??? Be nice to be able to repair it without having the cab off, not sure it would ever go back on...
  13. Bramble

    Block chain or Red Tractor

    Will block chain traceability replace current farm assurance? A few supermarkets (Carrefour/Lidl) have started to use it on a small number of product lines (filtered milk/oranges/orange juice). I had friend on farm a few months ago wanting to stick some barcodes on my ear tags to show the...
  14. Bramble

    TB compensation

    ......... Is bloody ridiculous!!! Failed a test, 16 cows in milk, including 3 freshly calved heifers to go, valuation tables say between £700-£1100/head. Sold 8 culls to Pickstocks 3 weeks ago, averaged £794/head with a top price of £1081. WHO MAKES THESE TABLES UP!!!!!!!!!!! Feel like...
  15. Bramble

    AI flask

    Looking for a spare AI flask
  16. Bramble

    Maize going through cows

    Got quite a lot of whole kernels going straight through the cows. Looking in the clamp quite a few of them seem not to have been split by the cracker on the forager. First time I’ve grown maize so any suggestions welcome. Can it milled/processed out of the clamp to try and smash it up?
  17. Bramble

    Mulika wheat

    Looking for some Mulika wheat, possibly 25-30t to South Warwickshire
  18. Bramble

    B litre prices

    Some interest on the milk price tracker thread. Maybe we ought to have a B litre tracker as well?? Month. Standard pice. B price June 18. 26.35 23.71 July. 27.66. 26.96 August. 28.19. 28.13 Sept. 28.99. 29.43 Oct...
  19. Bramble

    Mulika seed

    Anyone got any?? Not drilled any winter crops yet so starting to look at options for the spring. Last week I was assured supply would not be a problem. This week there is none left in the UK!
  20. Bramble

    Out of parlour feeders - Cumbria to Warwickshire

    10 Out of parlour feeders from Milnthorpe to Banbury. Will flat pack a bit, last time they were moved they were on an 18ft flat bed. Contact Tom 07967137202

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