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    Crosscutter disc in a rapid drill.

    Evening everyone. Does anyone know if a Vaderstad crosscutter disc would fit in to the system disc on a vaderstad rapid drill? Thanks in advance. Harry
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    Vaderstad rapid 4m

    Hi. I have for sale our vaderstad drill. Owned from new. Owner driven on our fenland farm in north Cambridgeshire. 2005 staggered wheel model. Drilled 2085ha Discs measure 380-390mm Genuine reason for sale Pm me if your interested. Thank you Harry
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    John dale Eco drill. What's everyone's thoughts??

    Where abouts is that 6m drill for sale please? Thank you all for your comments. Is anyone using one as a conventional drill as well as direct. On plough or min till land? Many thanks
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    John dale Eco drill. What's everyone's thoughts??

    Morning everyone. Much to the title really. What everyone's thoughts on the Eco drill? Pro's and con's Looking at changing our 4m vaddy rapid in for a 6m Eco drill. Many thanks in advance Harry
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    62 tonnes Fert stolen

    Lets be honest if your nicking 62 ton of fert your not going to worry about lorry weight limits!

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