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    I have a field which has had patches of blackgrass in it for 3 years. I think I find the patch spray it off and another turns up further round the headland. What is the best way to try and get on top of it? It is due to go into osr. 1 - plough it deep and bury the seed? 2 - run over with the...
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    Bobcat Telehandlers

    38-70 is £5k cheaper than the Kramer 35-7 and it comes with a 5 yr warranty compared to 2yr and 5 yr 0% finance which is appealing. I had a demo of both and liked both machines. Kramer has a couple of extra gadgets such as automatic boom in function which was handy.
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    Bobcat Telehandlers

    Looking at a new Telehandler and have been looking at the bobcat 38-70. There is a dealer in our area now so it is an option. Just looking for peoples experiences of them as I don’t have much experience of them.
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    Resistant ryegrass

    Axial pro has done a good job this year with me. Centurion max also done a very good job in S Beans.
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    Hen manure

    Sorry meant to say 32,000 in one go twice a week or 16,000 once a week.
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    Hen manure

    I would go for a 16t trailer, it will give you the option of getting 16,000 birds worth in 1 go or 1 trailer per shed per week. We run it into a 15t muck spreader once a week.
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    Hen manure

    How many birds are in the sheds from which you are getting the muck?
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    Greenstar or independent?

    Just about to get into auto steer etc and I was wondering if I should go with a JD greenstar system or an independent such as AgLeader/Topcon/Trimble. My situation -New to me 2009 JD 690i combine which is greenstar ready -New to me 2014 Claas axion 840 autosteer ready sprayer tractor - pulling...
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    Drilling now

    Anyone ever planted spring beans this early?
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    Lg sundance

    Planted some beginning of November last year which is late for us, especially with last years winter. Only did a T1 and flag lead spray and leaves were clean all the way down. 2 field with good establishment did 4t/ac and the other which had did not have an even establishment did 3t/ac. Very...
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    Non domestic RHI application

    Had a straw burner installed and I am keen for the installer to get the rhi application in. The electrician is coming this week to finish the install off. As I have not had the system up and running I am not keen on paying the full balance until I have had it up and running for a bit. The...
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    Treating the range area outside sheds

    I have moved onto an off the shelf erysipelas vaccine as the autogenous broke down at 50 weeks even though it was the same strain. Fingers crossed it will be better.
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    Nitrification inhibitor

    Just wondering if anyone had used a nitrification inhibitor in their liquid fertiliser. Omex literature says it will allow you to apply all the liquid fertiliser in one dose.
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    Treating the range area outside sheds

    I was wondering what people do to the range outside free range sheds. We had an outbreak of erysipelas in the last flock and have found blackhead in a different shed this flock, both of which supposedly come from the soil.
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    Cleaning under Multi-tier poultry systems

    We use a stihl multitool power sweeper and it is fantastic on dry litter. Drag it into a Line under the system and get a bobcat to take it out.
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    Gfw required for progressive mixed farm

    Position available is on a mixed arable, poultry and pig b&b farm in County Durham. Duties to include arable harvest/drilling work, tractor driving/ combining/drilling, milling feed, assistance with the pigs and general farm and machinery maintenance. It is a diverse role with good prospects...
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    Insulation under a concrete slab

    The problem with a vented air drying floor is that the air vents would get blocked with the muck. Also as the muck is a lot denser and doesn't have airspaces in like grain or chip it would be hard to force air through it. All other muck driers I have seen pass air over the top of the muck. I...
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    Insulation under a concrete slab

    Going to be using it as a muck drying floor. Reversing a muck spreader on to spread a layer of muck on the floor and then a telehandler to scrape up the "hopefully" dried muck!
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    Insulation under a concrete slab

    From the data sheets that seems the same as kingspan Styrozone. I would prefer not use any insulation but have been told the performance of the heated floor will be severely compromised. I had look into the foil stuff but that that is about 50mm thick and I presume requires air layers for it to...
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    Insulation under a concrete slab

    It is going go be a heated concrete slab with underfloor heating pipes in it hence the need for insulation under the slab.

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