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    Safe drying temp for seed wheat.

    I also use a Mecmar, and mostly for milling or seed I've used these settings 90 plenum 43 grain This would normally allow me to scrape under 15%mc, I've found that the plenum temperature tends to run over to about 93/94 when on the larger jet
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    Gatekeeper Express

    Do you use variable rate when drilling/applying fertilizer etc and if so what platform do you use. I'm currently using GLGM as you are, and am happy with it so far, few features need adding as has been discussed in the past, stock info etc.
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    Water in an engine

    I did this to a brand new hire BMW 3 series 2lt diesel a couple of years ago, we had the glow plugs out turned it over drained all the water from the intake and intercooler etc, put it all back together and it started right up.. drove through the same puddle an hour or two later just slightly...
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    Disco 4, Volvo XC90 or Skoda Kodiak

    Oh well im actually taking this as good news, perhaps something is wrong with it. Its the SDV6 with the 8 speed gearbox. I actually really like the gearbox it always seems to be in the right place. When I picked it up I drove about 200miles home and the fuel consumption then was about much...
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    Disco 4, Volvo XC90 or Skoda Kodiak

    Bought a D4 earlier this year to replace both my car (bmw 3 series) and my work vehicle (TD5 defender).. Both of which I still have as I'm not that sold on the disco. Its big slow heavy expensive bad on fuel and I don't actually think that comfortable. But I keep getting in and driving it. It...
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    Tine/cultivator drill

    Ah I always think it looks rubbish doing this too for this exact reason. I tend to go in this sequence 0-2-4-1-3-5-7-9-6-10 etc... As for drilling tramlines first, I've seen that done too but also not keen, tend to do bouts with my drill as it works well that way and put the tramlines in...
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    SKH crumblers

    Ive got both a 3m and 4m in the yard that haven't done any work for approx 5 yrs if anyone was interested.. although after doing some rather wet ploughing today I'm wondering reading this thread whether or not one may become useful in the spring.
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    Wheat seed rates

    Depending on TGW, drilling date, weed pressure anywhere from 175kg/ha/225kg/ha Might do some winter barley next week but won't start wheat until the following I suspect
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    Flea Beetle 2019

    I drilled my rapeseed on the 5th of September with 15/20mm of rain on the forecast, none arrived, this was only a smallish area of fss, now failed due to lack of moisture combined with a massive amount of pressure from csfb. Is this really horrendous management as you suggest or rather the way I...
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    Drilling w beans with a vaderstad

    Drilled mine at 160kg/ha last year and yielded similar! TGW560
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    Flea Beetle 2019

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    Zyatt and hagberg

    230 before the rain. Going to be low now
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    Harvest 2019

    Got back into some wheat this afternoon, 18% and going well, had labour available so moved to another block of laid wheat further afield 20% and wouldn't go in the machine, got a headland knocked off before calling it a day, get back in there tomorrow hopefully have a good day. Rain forecast...
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    Probably best not to plough pre osr, just use the Mzuri as kerb has a greater efficacy with blackgrass that's not grown from depth. Plough well after the osr next year. If it was me and you had blackgrass in the 2021 wheat assuming you follow the osr with wheat, I would then be planting a spring...
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    Harvest 2019

    Tried some wheat (Zyatt) this evening, 21%, rain forecast tomorrow afternoon.
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    Won't be long now to the iresposible use of liquid sunshine .

    Going back to pre harvest desiccation using glyphosate, a couple of people in this thread have said that it would be a good idea to restrict usage on human consumption crops. I am however a believer though that I am not only what I eat but what I eat - eats. So surely glyphosate applied to crops...
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    Second fungicide in winter beans

    These are mine, second fungicide on today.
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    Getting a little dry

    Here too, Leic-Northants border. 9mm forecast for tomorrow down from an inch, we had <2mm on Tuesday, more forecast for next Tuesday. Lets see if it materialises or disappears as has been the regular pattern. Ive got a few acres of wheat (not much) on sandy land and its fully in ear well below...
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    Getting a little dry

    Same here too, not too far from you. Had left the combine outside over easter, put it back inside yesterday... Should of left it out
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    Long reach axle stands

    I bought a pair similar to those, a family member borrowed them and one actually broke the casting. I imagine they weren't being used correctly as I had used them for much heavier machines and he had only jacked up a car, but I would avoid cast ones in the future because of this. Something to...

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