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  1. Banana Bar

    Asbestos removal Suffolk

    I’m looking for someone to remove and dispose of the roof sheets and side cladding off a building of approx 30 m x 20 m . Any recommendations? BB
  2. Banana Bar

    Best all round tyre

    Need some new tyres on a JD 6215, 75% of its time is pulling a trailer, bowser. Occasionally gets put on the rolls or cultipress. Ideally would be able to let the tyres down to 1 bar for rolling, but also need to be comfortable towing a grain trailer at 50 kph. Any recommendations? BB
  3. Banana Bar

    Side flail mower

    We are looking for a side flail mower for doing field edges and one pass in the ditch, it would be handy if it could work behind the tractor as well. What do you recommend or avoid, anything to look for or be aware of? BB
  4. Banana Bar

    Wide cereal rows

    Has anyone got yield comparisons of wide ( 250mm) cereal rows vs conventional narrower rows? BB
  5. Banana Bar

    Spring bean seed

    Approx 10t required in Suffolk. Not too fussed on variety.
  6. Banana Bar

    Big bag spear

    I’ve seen a spear that can be put into the bottom of a big fertiliser bag so that a small quantity can be dropped into a spreader and then sealed off again. I’m sure someone will know what I mean and where I can get one? BB
  7. Banana Bar

    Horsch Sprinter seed roller

    I have managed to buy a used 6m seed and fert Sprinter. It has not been delivered with all of the seed rollers I need. Which roller do I need to sow OSR at 2-3 kg / ha. Pretty keen to get one, if we get some rain ( missed it all so far ) I may put 100 ha in next week. BB
  8. Banana Bar

    Hedge cutter window guards

    Does anyone have any experience of the clear plastic window guards, I’ve always thought they must scratch easily or be a nightmare if it’s raining. Any alternative suggestions? BB
  9. Banana Bar

    Contract growing Rye for pigs

    Is there anyone in East Anglia looking for a supply of rye for mixing into rations? Happy to discuss requirements, storage etc. BB
  10. Banana Bar

    Not using muck

    For years we have imported sewage sludge and chicken muck. No doubt it’s increased our P levels, OM levels, I don’t know, probably very little from sludge. Cattle muck seems to be the best for OM imho. By using rotational cover crops ahead of spring crops and although not yet setup for this...
  11. Banana Bar

    Rauch / Kuhn Axent

    Just seen this machine. It states that it will spread fertiliser and organic floury materials including lime. What other organic fertilisers is it designed to spread? Would it spread fibrophos? Guessing it wouldn’t spread good dry chicken muck? BB
  12. Banana Bar

    Tilbury explosion

    Not a good day at Tilbury. BB
  13. Banana Bar

    Dutch Grain and Fert Coulters

    Is anyone using these? Is the fertiliser ( solid ) applied above or below the seed. Can the fert tube be raised to apply cover crops to the surface / very shallow while the seed part drills deeper? BB
  14. Banana Bar

    Cheffins on line auction

    Does anyone know what the Sprinter drill, Carrier and Quadtrac made in the sale that ended today? BB
  15. Banana Bar

    Gatekeeper Associated machinery costs

  16. Banana Bar

    Grain / seed cleaning

    Given that we are trying to use much less seed treatment I am looking at cleaning our own seed. I'm not certain that gravity separation is essential, is anyone using something similar to below?
  17. Banana Bar

    Dutch Coulters with Fertiliser

    I'm looking to put fertiliser and grain down the spout on a Sprinter drill. I was planning on using Dutch 2" open back points but it doesn't look as though there is an option to do this on points narrower than 3". Is there a way 2 hoses can be joined near the coulter assembly or failing that...
  18. Banana Bar

    Fendt or Fastrac

    On a 6000lt trailed sprayer. Either 724 or 4220? BB
  19. Banana Bar

    Fendt or Fastrac

    On a 6000lt trailed sprayer. Either 724 or 4220? BB
  20. Banana Bar

    25cm or 50 cm nozzle spacing

    I’m far from convinced this is worth speccing on a new sprayer. Please discuss. I don’t want to know about your 15 yr old Chafer or 20 yr old Bateman. BB

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