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    I have a field which has had patches of blackgrass in it for 3 years. I think I find the patch spray it off and another turns up further round the headland. What is the best way to try and get on top of it? It is due to go into osr. 1 - plough it deep and bury the seed? 2 - run over with the...
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    Bobcat Telehandlers

    Looking at a new Telehandler and have been looking at the bobcat 38-70. There is a dealer in our area now so it is an option. Just looking for peoples experiences of them as I don’t have much experience of them.
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    Greenstar or independent?

    Just about to get into auto steer etc and I was wondering if I should go with a JD greenstar system or an independent such as AgLeader/Topcon/Trimble. My situation -New to me 2009 JD 690i combine which is greenstar ready -New to me 2014 Claas axion 840 autosteer ready sprayer tractor - pulling...
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    Non domestic RHI application

    Had a straw burner installed and I am keen for the installer to get the rhi application in. The electrician is coming this week to finish the install off. As I have not had the system up and running I am not keen on paying the full balance until I have had it up and running for a bit. The...
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    Nitrification inhibitor

    Just wondering if anyone had used a nitrification inhibitor in their liquid fertiliser. Omex literature says it will allow you to apply all the liquid fertiliser in one dose.
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    Treating the range area outside sheds

    I was wondering what people do to the range outside free range sheds. We had an outbreak of erysipelas in the last flock and have found blackhead in a different shed this flock, both of which supposedly come from the soil.
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    Gfw required for progressive mixed farm

    Position available is on a mixed arable, poultry and pig b&b farm in County Durham. Duties to include arable harvest/drilling work, tractor driving/ combining/drilling, milling feed, assistance with the pigs and general farm and machinery maintenance. It is a diverse role with good prospects...
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    Insulation under a concrete slab

    Wondered if anybody had any experience of insulating a concrete slab. I am looking at putting some insulation under a concrete slab which will have telehandler and tractor & muck spreader driving on it. Will polystyrene or standard Kingspan type insulation do it or will it have to be the more...
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    My lupins have developed black/brown lesions on the leaves and are starting to die off. It is in farily large patches throughout the field. We had a lot of rain at the beginning of last week. Is it a disease or pre emergence herbicide being washed down to the roots?
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    Struggling to find nodules on my blue lupin roots. What sort of numbers have other growers got? Roots are good in size and plenty of laterals off the main root. They have been in the ground just over 7 weeks.
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    Denis elevator legs wanted

    I am looking for some extra leg sections for a denis elevator. The model is a A EAG 14.
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    WES e compact 199

    Have the chance of a second hand 2yr old boiler. Anyone have any experience of these?
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    Lupin nodules

    Been digging plants up regularly to try and find nodules and they have started to appear. Thought there would be more nodules. The bean pods have started to form. Do these roots look normal?
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    Bodo incinerators

    Has any any experience of the above or any animal incinerators. Will be using it for hens. Bodo is a lot cheaper than other makes I have inquired about.
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    36m sprayer booms

    What are the positives and negatives of going to 36m booms? Increased work rates Less tramlines Ability to pick better spray days More weight Less longevity of the booms Lower 2nd/3rd hand value Ability to spread granular fertiliser If you have moved to 36m would you do it again?
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    Drying chicken manure

    I am looking into ways of drying chicken manure that we run off the muck belts on a weekly basis from 2 sheds. Is there some way to utilise the RHI to dry the muck on a drying floor. Thought would be that we run the belts weekly and spread onto the drying floor then move to a field heap?
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    Liquid fertilizer storage

    I was looking at putting in my own liquid fertilizer storage as want the ability to shop around and not be held to ransom by some merchants. Tank or lagoon I presume are the options. Currently use approx 200k litres. Anybody have experience of costs and whether it pays?
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    Trailed sprayers: Chafer - E4000

    Trailed sprayers: Chafer - E4000 Category: Trailed sprayers Manufacturer: Chafer Price: £8000 Condition: Used Description: Chafer E4000 1999 4000 litre tank with 400 litre cwrt. Steering axle, hydraulic hypro pump, twin line, 3 x spray nozzle & liquid fert line with 1/3 m spacing. RDS...
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    My new PDRD shed

    Site ready for the new grain storage/mixing shed being built by PDRD. Planning past, ground works due to start next week and shed due to be delivered soon. Will keep you posted.
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    Pedigree highland bull calves

    Pedigree highland bull calves. 2 years old from a closed herd and TB tested. 2 calves available. County Durham. 07882930700

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