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    Group 4 wheat

    Do any of the feed wheats suit direct drilling more than others Been growing Leeds which is -3 days to growth stage 31 when september sown, but was bad with yellow rust this year so looking to try something else Going to try some Gleam but it is +8 days to growth stage 31 which is a bit...

    MF 7245 combine

    Is anyone running a MF 7245 activa combine. How reliable are they as i think the activa range is based on Laverda combines which were a good combine. Might be going to look at one, what would be common faults or things to look out for or is it best avoided all together TIA

    Re chaining a Welger RP435

    Our Welger RP435 needs re chaining, does anyone know the lengths and specs of the chains needed so i can have them ready to fit when i have time. Is there anywhere that sells all the chains as a kit for the baler or is it just a case of getting lengths of chain and also what is the best make of...

    Merlo handbrake

    The handbrake on our 14 reg Merlo 40.7 has started not coming off sometimes when you turn the handbrake switch, unless you click the switch on and off a couple of times Is it worth cleaning the contactor on the handbrake switch or does it just need a new one I lifted the little panel out that...

    Treating ulcers with Salicylic acid We have a cow that had a sole ulcer that i trimmed and wooden blocked but the ulcer has become infected and now she is on antibiotics with a badly swollen foot Have read a few posts on here about using salicylic acid to treat sole ulcers...

    Which lawn mower

    We have approximately 1500 square meters of lawn to cut, currently have a 21" Honda izy that has been a good mower but is past its best, so is there any other make of mower we should look at or do i just replace it with the same again? @Dave W

    reversing cameras I'm wanting a reversing camera, is the one in the link above any good or which one would you recommend as there is 100's of them on Ebay

    Group calf hutch set up I have bought some second hand group calf hutches like the link above, they have not come with any penning for the front of the hutches so was just wondering what people have used on theirs. I haven't priced up intershape fronts yet but do the likes...

    Merlo over heating

    Have a 14 reg Merlo 40.7 with a deutz engine, it started over heating when we had about finished buckraking so just went steady with the last few load to get finished When we had finished we checked it round and the fan belt was a bit slack so tightened it and it runs about half way one the...
  10. YELROM

    Spraying docks in grass

    We silaged a field 3wks ago that was bad with docks. The docks are coming back nicely now so was going to spray them, was thinking of using Minstral Would i be best to spray at 1ltr/ha and spray again after 2nd cut or go with a stronger rate and spray them once
  11. YELROM

    Silage sheet covers

    Our silage pits are in a fairly exposed site, so looking for the best silage sheet covers to stop the sheet flapping and also to stop crows pecking the sheet. We have some woven black sheets that we bought at a farm sale quite a few years ago(not sure of make), the crows have pecked a few holes...
  12. YELROM

    Back filling drains

    We have dug out a bad wet spot in a field down to about 10ft that i think is a spring of some sort. To get to the depth we have had to tier the trench down, the trench to the drain we are connecting to is about 100mtr long I want to cover the pipe so i don't damage/flatten it when back filling...
  13. YELROM

    New Holland TM viscous fan

    The viscous fan seems to be engaged all the time on our TM155 Is there any sensors i can check or will it be the viscous fan its self We have another TM we could swap sensors with
  14. YELROM

    Valuing buildings for insurance

    Our insurance is due renewal and every year i struggle with the values they put on our buildings It is new for old insurance on the buildings (is there any other way of insuring them) but the broker doesn't go off the value of erecting a new building as he says if a shed fell down and damaged...
  15. YELROM

    Hydraulic accumulators

    Just checked the hydraulic accumulators on the front suspension of our New Holland TVT190 and they've both split. I will sit down and price genuine ones:greedy: Where else should i price them and how do you find the pressure/spec to price pattern ones, I havn't cleaned the old ones off properly...
  16. YELROM

    Umbilical pipe fittings

    At the moment on the slurry pipe we use the clamps that you tighten with a bolt, but they are mild steel and are starting to rot and break. Thinking of changing to the stainless band type that you tighten then bend the end over, but what are they called and where is the best place to buy one and...
  17. YELROM

    Tree shear

    Thinking of getting a tree shear to go on a JCB JS130 digger, it is piped for a breaker but as far as i can tell the hydraulic service for the breaker is only single acting and i assume you would need double acting for a tree shear. Is there a way of getting a tree shear to work on the single...
  18. YELROM

    Work/job management app

    Wondering if there is an App or some sort of messaging group, that all farm staff can be linked together for jobs to do, but then anyone in the group can either delete or mark the job as done to everyone in the group
  19. YELROM

    Feed wheat varieties

    We have grown Leeds for quite a few years and its listed as being 'medium to high tillering and competitive against grass weeds' The agronomist moans about the disease rating of Leeds and is recommending we change to Gleam but it is listed as being 'slow spring growth' which concerns me with...
  20. YELROM

    Welgar 435 bearing

    Does anyone know the bearing number for the bearings in the roller at the top of the tail door on a Welgar 435 baler, the out side edge of the bearing is domes

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