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  1. connor454545

    Molasses tanks

    Anyone know what size pipe is used on a liquid feeds wagon for filling molasses tanks 3/4/5 inch? Thanks
  2. connor454545

    For sale: AI flask

    Selling ai flask, I have dip records for the last 4 years of use from cogent under a liquid nitrogen contract, last dip Nov 2018. Comes with jfc container and some bits and bobs. Also a quantity of beef (possibly Hereford, Angus and Belgium blue) and holstein semen, including cogent twist...
  3. connor454545

    Quote: Static pto slurry pump

    Price for a static pto slurry pump, to pump from reception pit to tower. 2.4m long shaft, 5inch pipe. Delivery required before 31st October. Thanks
  4. connor454545

    Wheat vs oat straw - opinions

    Which would be better for feeding to beef stores in ring feeders outside. Organic spring oat straw, unchopped with a bit of green. Or Winter wheat straw, good quality nice and bright but is chopped.
  5. connor454545

    Manitou radiator

    Anyone know of a used or general one to fit a perkins engine, for a radiator to fit a series 1 manitou 524t. Just been quoted for a new one and seems very steep. Just need the actual radiator.
  6. connor454545

    Concrete panels various lengths, delivered

    1x 15ft either 90 or 100mm thick by either 1.2 or 1.5 m high. 3x 10ft either 90 or 100mm thick by either 1.2 or 1.5 m high. 1x 5ft either 90 or 100mm thick by either 1.2 or 1.5 m high. Delivered to sy13 Required before Christmas if possible Pm with price
  7. connor454545

    Tree surgeon

    Anyone know of a reliable and competent tree surgeon to fell and saw up into rounds a fairly large tree. It's located within felling distance of a house and farm buildings. North Shropshire south Cheshire border (Whitchurch).
  8. connor454545

    Wanted Pedigree Hereford stock bull

    Wanted Pedigree Hereford stock bull, must be high health status and tested for or vaccinated against bvd and any STI's. References and viewing also required. Polled genetics a bonus but not required. As nearest to Whitchurch Shropshire as possible but willing to travel to some extent.
  9. connor454545

    Case international 895 xl stockman 4wd

    Does anyone have a picture of where in the operators manual the 4wd switch is suppose to be (if it has one) as the 4wd is not working and just Trying to work out if it's not switched on or if it's knackered. Thanks.
  10. connor454545

    dads army

    Anyone been to see this yet? I thought it was not bad considering what its got to live upto. Although..... spolier. I did notice that the bull had a yellow ear tag in. Didn't think they were out in 1944. They could have at least edited it out.
  11. connor454545

    mole control

    Anyone know what P.A. you need to have to be able to buy and use phosotoxin gas pills to control moles. Specifically the ones you can buy from the local ag merchant e.g. Wynnstay stores. Thanks
  12. connor454545

    Lost keys

    Gone and done the clever thing of losing my car keys in a field. Worse still is I don't have a spare set . Anyone have any good ideas of how to find them? Tried metal detector, and searching in a grid style, just stuck the cows on there to eat the grass off to make things easier. Otherwise its...
  13. connor454545

    Corn bin movers

    Anyone know of someone that moves corn bins, around north shropshire/south cheshire border? I have a 12t Collinson corn bin that needs moving from one farm to another. Thanks.
  14. connor454545

    O2 and UKMail

    Ordered an upgrade from O2 before easter, and still not received it. At first it was because it was out of stock, right, next posted but UKMail wont deliver over easter, even though i had a delivery from another 'parcel' company on the saturday and royal was still delivering post. Then UKMail...
  15. connor454545

    Looking For Work Relief Milker / Night Milker

    Looking for relief milking or night milking work. Willing to work any hours on any system - Herringbone, Rotary etc. Currently working as a herdsman on my parents pedigree Holstein farm, but I am looking for extra work as they are in the process of selling Holsteins to rear beef instead. I...
  16. connor454545

    MF 4355 and plough size.

    Hi, we have a Massey Fergusson 4355 and I intend to do some ploughing with it, but it can't lift our 5 furrow KV plough, even with weights on the front. Would it lift a 4 furrow instead and if so any particular make? I don't really want to keep hiring a tractor each time I need to do some...
  17. connor454545

    Indoors Overwintering Cattle Shed Space Availability

    Hi, probably not in the right place so feel free to move. This winter I will have for rent shed space for 110 cattle in an indoor cubicle shed. Location: Whitchurch, Shropshire Tb status: FREE (Pre Movement Test only) Includes: Silage (through mixer), straw for bedding+ feed if required...
  18. connor454545

    Partnerships vs limited companies

    Hi all, Just wandering what everyone's views are on which is better partnerships or limited companies and tax implications. My farther is currently a tenanted dairy farm in partnership with my mother, but he is in the process of transferring rains of the business to me. I intend on running...

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