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  1. hendrebc

    Thinking of changing to shedding sheep. Change my mind.

    As the title really. Almost certain I'm going to stop using lleyn rams to breed replacements and getting some exlana or easycare rams instead of them. Lleyns aren't doing anything wrong but I tried an easycare X exlana ram in 2018 and some of his daughters have lambed this year. They didn't do...
  2. hendrebc

    What's your AFC

    Not aware of any threads on here where grass nerds are talking about grass in kg/DM/ha and rotational grazing so thought I'd start one seeing as I'm having a proper go at it this year. Twin ewes go out to grass today off the forage crops ready for lambing at the end of the month. AFC (average...
  3. hendrebc

    Cost to build a house

    Just thinking out loud really haven't really decided on anything but thinking about building a house. Can't get much sense off anything online and don't really know anyone who has done one recently to ask either. Not thinking of anything fancy just a standard 2/3 bed house in the corner of a...
  4. hendrebc

    What can I actually use a tablet for?

    Have a laptop for doing usual farm office stuff but can't really be arsed carrying it home to do some work of an evening all the time. And I always forget the damn thing like I did again today :rolleyes: I have a Microsoft office account and it's cloud based so I don't have to move stuff around...
  5. hendrebc

    Chicken breed advice please

    We have always run a few ex layers from a friends place for our own eggs but about 6 months ago a fox came and did what they do and we have been chickenless even since. Daughter is getting quite keen on farm stuff and animals especially (even though she's barley 2) so thought of getting some...
  6. hendrebc

    Soil thermometer recommendations please

    As above. A soil thermometer that isn't junk that breaks when you stick it in the ground but doesn't cost a fortune either.
  7. hendrebc

    Ford 4600 2wd to 4wd conversion?

    As the title. Have a 2wd ford 4600 and would be so much more useful if it was 4wd :( so it mostly sits in the yard not doing very much. Dad says he phoned someone in Scotland after a conversion kit a good few years ago but turned out it wasn't for sale :rolleyes: How hard are these kits to...
  8. hendrebc

    Rappa or kiwitech or ?

    Looking at electric fencing gear does anyone have any experience of the kiwi tech? Plenty of people like the rappa but I don't know of anyone that can compare having used the two. Kiwi tech looks a good system from the videos I've watched especially liked that the thing could be taken off the...
  9. hendrebc


    Could be persuaded to change my loader tractor over the next few years (maybe. Maybe not its still just an idea at the moment). Was thinking second hand like everything else here seeing as everything is so damned expensive new :( Just seen this article in the farmers weekly. They seem like...
  10. hendrebc

    Case ih 895 help please

    Does anyone have a case ih 895 like this one that could do me a quick favour please? The brakes wont work and i have to bleed them every time i use it. Im convinced thers isnt enough oil in the back end but the dipstick says there is 20mm over the maximum. But... the dipstick is the tractors...
  11. hendrebc

    Simtech metering thingy

    Just placed a order for a simtech grassfarmer drill this morning and was asked if i wanted a thing on it to measure how much ground ive done. Probably had a proper name but my sleep deprived brain cant remember it :rolleyes::sleep: Was told i can either have a simple mechanical one which i have...
  12. hendrebc

    Is this tyre fudgeed

    As the thread title is my tyre fudgeed? Im guessing it is. Had to drive on the flat for 20 odd yards to get it out of the door it was blocking. This is why i should always do everything myself (n)
  13. hendrebc


    Thought it would be a good idea for a thread to post any TFF members you spot either on TV in magazines or in real life. Obviously not for those who wish to remain anonymous though ask permission first. I found @exmoor dave in last fridays farmers weekly and an exellent article about the exmoor...
  14. hendrebc

    Carrying guns on a quad.

    How does everyone do it? I just put my shotgun in a padded slip and tie it to the front rack worked well for years. But i have a rifle id like to take with me for the barstewarding crows in my lambing fields but if i do the same as i do with the shotgun the scope will get knocked about. Not sure...
  15. hendrebc

    How high is too high

    Lamb is selling really well now great news but is it? I was told last week in ruthin that a big dutch buyer wasnt coming because the lambs were too expensive for them at current exchange rate. Didnt matter they still sold well but it got me thinking. How high can lamb go before people in shops...
  16. hendrebc

    Taking stuff from skips

    Took a little kids bike out of a skip today for my daughter. Its like new and theyre about £90 new but this is more my kind of deal ;) Anyway got home with my prize and was told its illegal to take stuff from skips :scratchhead: It was propped up on top of a load of builders rubble and had been...
  17. hendrebc

    Calcium supplemeting ewes

    Last couple of years been culling a lot of young ewes that had missing teeth at sorting for tupping time. After speaking to my vet about it were pretty sure its a calcium deficiency that the ewes have when they are milking well and using stored calcium from their skeleton to make milk for the...
  18. hendrebc

    Old lundell drill value

    Have a 1956 built lundell drill that someone has been trying to buy from me forver and would like an idea of value before i give it away as i think it might have some value (but still not a lot) as a vintage machine. It all works and i have all the missing tubes and sprocket for the fertilizer...
  19. hendrebc


    Had ringworm off and on since 2010. Goes away for a while then comes back with a vengence when im stressed or working too hard for a long time doctors said its probably in my blood and ill struggle to ever get rid of it. Tablets and LOTS of cream work for a while but always comes back. My head...
  20. hendrebc

    Old moore unidrills

    Upland livestock farm doong about 10-15 acres of spring cereals and 20-30 acres of forage crops and 10-15 acres of grass reseeds a year. Currently using an old ransomes 3f plough and equally old worn out 60s and 70s cultivation machinery. Want to move over to DD for various and obvious reasons...

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