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    IGC Increase Global Grain Production Estimates

    UK Balance Sheet Questions The AHDB/Defra September Balance Sheet raised more questions than it gave answers. Wheat ending stock estimates for 2019/20 on paper have been reduced from 3396KT to 2438KT, with a ‘residual’ 824KT. The change to include a ‘residual’ comes as stocks figures and usage...
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    Export Sales Provide Support

    Export Sales Provide Support US export sales to China have continued to add underlying support to oilseeds and grains. Wheat / Barley FranceAgriMer has cut French soft wheat exports to non-eu countries to 6.6MT, down from 13.46MT last year. Unlike corn, US wheat export sales have not exceeded...
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    Additional UK Nov-20 wheat support

    Additional UK Nov-20 Wheat Support The pound continues to fall against the euro, providing additional support for UK wheat markets. Falling below £1=€1.09, Nov-20 UK feed wheat futures have continued to push higher, to £177.75/T. Global markets gained support today ahead of tomorrow’s USDA...
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    Graintab TV - Trader Chats - Harvest Progress, Blending, Premiums Outlook & Brexit

    In this video we discuss harvest progress, tips for blending, premiums potential for wheat and barley and Brexit risk. Video link -
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    Markets wait for crop condition scores

    Corn / Maize Markets are awaiting the release of the USDA crop condition report later today at 4pm US Eastern Time. Cooler and dry weather across a large proportion of the US is lending support to US corn, combined with an expectation that crop condition reports will downgrade the condition of...
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    Graintab TV - Grain Contracts: Ask The Trader

    For more video's, visit Graintab TV Contracts and contract management are one of the most important areas for arable farm management. Keeping within contract specs, knowing your markets and contract T’s & C’c are crucial. In this video we discuss some key points and questions around grain...
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    Graintab TV - New Grain Sampling Sytem

    For more video's visit Graintab TV Covid – 19 has put a stop to many processes we are used to. Within the Grain trade, the sampling of farm grain has been directly affected. In this video, Fred South and Richard Whitlock, discuss the changes and give advice to growers who have questions...
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    Russian Harvest Reaches 50%

    Russian harvest pressure and continued favourable weather in the US and Canada is leading to building pressure in grain markets as crop estimates are revised upward. Corn / Maize Disappointing old crop weekly US net sales of 101.6KT for 2019/2020 were down noticeably from the previous week and...
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    Daily market report - IGC Reduce Global Production Forecasts

    The IGC forecast for world total grains production in 2020/21 has been lowered by 13MT to 2,225MT, mainly on downgrades for wheat in the US, EU, and Russia, and maize in the US. Corn / Maize Reflecting the change in estimated US corn area, the International Grains Council lowered their 2020/21...
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    Harvest rolls on, what next for grain markets?

    Our daily markets and prices report is just the start of what we provide. CRM AgriCommodities' core business is giving clear, independent marketing advice and strategic recommendations through strategy reports, trade alerts and members meetings nationally. For sellers, this has produced results...
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    USDA July highlights and analysis

    World wheat: Production down 4.13MT to 769.31MT – EU down 1.5MT to 139.5MT, Russia down 0.5MT. But 2019/20 global consumption down 0.9MT. Maize: Global production down 25.27MT to 1163MT – US production down to 381MT from 406MT. BUT US domestic consumption in 2020/21 down 4.45MT and 2019/20...
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    Markets Await The WASDE

    World wheat: Production down 4.13MT to 769.31MT – EU down 1.5MT to 139.5MT, Russia down 0.5MT. But 2019/20 global consumption down 0.9MT. Maize: Global production down 25.27MT to 1163MT – US production down to 381MT from 406MT. BUT US domestic consumption in 2020/21 down 4.45MT and 2019/20...
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    Markets Await The WASDE

    US markets have continued to gain a degree of support in anticipation of tomorrows USDA WASDE as funds are likely reducing their exposure and covering short positions. However, these gains are against a backdrop of single day US Covid-19 cases reaching a new record of 62K yesterday, surpassing a...
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    Combinables Price Tracker

    'Basis' is a fundamental part of grain marketing and knowing if you are receiving the best price, in this article we explore what it is and how to use it to make better decisions:
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    Understanding the importance of 'basis' to grain marketing

    Basis is rarely discussed or considered when it comes to selling or buying grain, in this article we discuss its importance and how better decisions can be made by monitoring it:
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    CRM Agri top grain marketing tips

    Please click link below for our top marketing tips ahead of harvest Top Grain Marketing Tips Subscribe to our daily market report for more tips and advice
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    Stable price - commodity price insurance TFF member 8% discount

    Farmers looking to insure prices on bulk commodities such as wheat and OSR without committing yield are still able to do so using 'put options'. These tools have been available on regulated exchanges and have been used by farmers globally for over 100 years and @CRM AgriCommodities have used...
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    Graintab team share their top grain marketing tips ahead of harvest

    CRM AgriCommodities, the team powering independent online grain marketing platform Graintab, are pleased to share their top tips for successful grain marketing ahead of the combine harvesters rolling this summer. Have a strategy – having a strategy which includes a budget price and takes into...
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    Latest WASDE Key Points

    The June World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates has raised global maize production in 2020/21 to 1188.5MT, up 2MT from the May estimate while global ending stocks have been trimmed slightly to 337.87MT following an increase in consumption. However, US ending stock forecasts have been...

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