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  1. Mr Mackay

    Fly spray dispenser/fogger

    That time of year is here folks and I wondered if anyone has a fly spray dispenser they can recommend please?? We use an old 240 volt Turbair spinning disc applicator when the flies are really bad ,(we do the parlour before the cows come in and it stops a lot that are hiding in the roof waiting...
  2. Mr Mackay

    Mc Hale 991BE prestretcher bearings?

    Just a long shot , has anyone got an idea of what bearings are used in the wrap pre stretcher on the 991 BE machine at all?? On the metal rollers ? I have not got our machine here at present but I need to redo the bearings this yr (they are original ) Not found a diagram in the manual to...
  3. Mr Mackay

    Maize harvesting.

    Someone not far away was out with the chopper and maize header and took a couple of loads of maize from a formally very wet field . 5 months late really - would it be a bad idea to feed that with mould spores on leaves and cobs? Is there anything you could do with it - would it go in a bio...
  4. Mr Mackay

    Fullwood vacuum gate opening valve?

    I was wondering how modern vacuum gate valves work? Our 50 yr old Fullwood parlour has those rods that connect to a black square slider on a brass manifold with the 3 pipes on ! Give trouble when worn I am sure my brother in law said they were obsolete now ,so was wondering if anyone had any...
  5. Mr Mackay

    Compton Oil free Diaphragm Pump lying on your shelf?

    I dont suppose anyone has one of these , they liberated from an old Desco type fibre glass tank at all? Its nearly as old as me , and they pumped air into the jacket to 'wear' at the ice and cool the stainless jacket around it !! Ours has become more noisy , I suspect it could be the bearing I...
  6. Mr Mackay

    Herd companion log in ??

    Can any of you Herd Companion users access your account at all please? I am having great difficulty in getting in , and get • Invalid email or password Have also (as an alternative way in ) asked for a password reminder too (although I know the password 100% ) but it tells me - Error while...
  7. Mr Mackay

    Lely mower drive belts suppliers??

    Has anyone found a good belt for the splendimo mounted mowers at all? SPb 1550 Lp to be exact , Optibelt . Or has anyone found an alternative ,eg Dunlop or anything they have felt happy with? I know belts are belts ,but not sure just how critical different makes can be ? :rolleyes: Thanks
  8. Mr Mackay

    Wright Marshall difficulties ?? Weekly Sale cancelled I heard its not good , but that may be wrong
  9. Mr Mackay

    Canal and Rivers Trust proposals -re water use

    Just wondered if anyone has had any dealings with the Trust lately? We have had an approach ,linked into fencing off watercourses , and would be grateful to hear the view of others ,who have had conversations or whatever ,on this subject? Probably best to Pm me at the minute ,if you...
  10. Mr Mackay

    Vaccar wash diverters

    Has anyone any idea how reliable the old style Vaccar wash diverters are? We have an old Herringbone parlour Mid jar (which is a rarity ) and we are having trouble with milk entering the glass vacuum jar in the dairy via the wash line (the vacuum jar is connected to the stainless milk tank...
  11. Mr Mackay

    Need a new phone ??

    Just a little mention for my new phone. Having had a Samsung Galaxy Note 1 for 5 yrs (and it was second hand too ), I was always being annoyed by the slowness of mine ,lack of memory (it had been wiped too 12 months ago )etc. Was watching ideal world shopping channel one day by accident...
  12. Mr Mackay

    Manitou Silver brush paint?

    Not what the purist wants to hear , but I was after some Manitou touch up paint , brush quality ,which is ok if it is thin enough and you use a small brush with adept strokes :rolleyes: Is the shade very similar to most other silver shades ,(except massey I think), and can anyone point me to...
  13. Mr Mackay

    Ex Bowling green floodlights

    Our bowling club recently changed the floodlights for big LED ones . There are 5 units ,all 400 watt , and all working that we want to find homes for ! If anyone has a use for one or more can they let me know? We want about a tenner apiece - obviously postage will be extra. If you wanted...
  14. Mr Mackay

    Carier rotary Seperator letting fibre into liquid

    Had a new screen in the Carier seperator 2 and a half weeks ago. Thought the Bauer pump I use to pump the liquid off 400 meters to a storage hole , was goosed , but turned out the 52ml alkathene outlet pipe where it has a coupling in it , was picking up fibres from the Easi Cattle sawdust beddin...
  15. Mr Mackay

    Dirty water /slurry PTO pump

    Has anyone got a Bauer or similar pump that they might want to sell , please?? (Hopefully stored with a bit of oil or rust preventative ,or in recent working condition :rolleyes:) I have got a Bauer I use but I always had a spare in case of seals going , etc but that Vincenzi and...
  16. Mr Mackay

    Replacement for Isuzu Trooper 3.0 ??

    Thinking of changing the W reg Trooper SWB ,as shes getting on a bit now !! Been a marvellous servant , which has had the company recall done on the injectors a few yrs ago (at their expense) and apart from the ECU dying (Lucky enough to get a replacement ecu with immobiliser and key from a...
  17. Mr Mackay

    Wi Fi calling apps like Tu Go

    I wondered if anyone has found an app that gets anywhere near the Tu Go app from O2 ?? I find TuGo very very useful ,as we live in a dead spot ,mobile signal wise , 1 bar if youre lucky and go out the farm gate and lean on it ,and you may very well get mobile signal that does not drop...
  18. Mr Mackay

    Used cow mats

    Yes , has anyone got any that you want to part with??:rolleyes: Or recommendations of good quality new ones I would prefer some older ones as they seem better quality than the newer ones we had last winter :whistle: Thanks
  19. Mr Mackay

    Fransgard TI 6000 rotor arms

    I dont suppose anybody has the odd spare one kicking about in the bowels of the workshop, do they , that they do not need anymore :rolleyes: ?? Preferably with 3 tines on it too :LOL:?? Anything considered - thanks very much :)
  20. Mr Mackay

    Plastic or net ?? McHale Baler

    Our man who bales has the latest McHale Combi baler . He wondered if we wanted to wrap our 1st cut silage in plastic instead of net?? To be honest I hadn't considered it , but as long as its comparable to net costs , and robust enough to allow us to carry the bales back to base via Traileyre...

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