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  1. Mr Mackay

    Who is Lord Muck

    And Bibles :pompous:
  2. Mr Mackay

    Living in Covid times no 3 - eating out

    It was on the news yesterday about cider producers having stock left and this whole thing buggering it up ! I thought everyone was busy getting legless to forget everything??? :)
  3. Mr Mackay

    Living in Covid times no 3 - eating out

    Yes , joking apart ,it does not seem good , and to cap it all the wonderful micro breweries , that had flourished across the country must be feeling the effects of this whole thing !!:oops:
  4. Mr Mackay

    Living in Covid times no 3 - eating out

    If its the same Harvester I last attended ,it was a shyte experience before all this lot kicked off ;)
  5. Mr Mackay

    NHS Covid 19 app.

    Yes , but we all know how to cope with the risks ,its not like waiting at the traffic lights is it?
  6. Mr Mackay

    Who is Lord Muck

    Ahhh Wherry Good
  7. Mr Mackay

    Who is Lord Muck

    The Lord Muck I remember ,was bit of a grumpy bugger ,but he usually perked up ,after a crepe or 2 !! That worked wonders on him !
  8. Mr Mackay

    Who is Lord Muck

    Or should that be Michael Portillo ?? :unsure:
  9. Mr Mackay

    Electricity prices

    Has anyone dealt with Utility Alliance ? Had a cold call and they want to quote for Oct21 onwards :unsure:
  10. Mr Mackay

    Ford 6810 gearbox

    Double de clutch ? :pompous:
  11. Mr Mackay

    Extinction, the facts BBC.

    I was watching John Torode when he went around Argentina . That was one of the overiding sentiments he was on about ,the fact their beef was nearly all feedlot beef and only 20% was from grass farms whilst the farmers were growing so much soya !! Good prog ,especially all the succulent beef...
  12. Mr Mackay

    Extinction, the facts BBC.

    Great game - I only watched the highlights but Morgan gets then going ;)
  13. Mr Mackay

    Your current weather.

    I think I might light the old Rayburn ,thats almost the same age as me !! Thats bound to produce some hot weather (usually ) :confused:
  14. Mr Mackay

    Rash from spot on!!

    No flies on you ??? Try some Sudocrem ;)
  15. Mr Mackay

    Disappointed by cattle hurdles

    Employing seagulls as welders isnt on
  16. Mr Mackay

    Our new(ish) parlour

    Excellent stuff Tim G !!! If I was 20 years younger I would love to put the milk from our 65 cows into bottle for the locals :cool:
  17. Mr Mackay

    Is coughing a symptom of IBR?

    I would echo that ,our IBR seemed to come on mid winter . We had one heifer that had an attack so bad it ruined her throat so much we had to put her down . Since then we vaccinate twice a year , in atumn and top up in spring . One dose live vaccine and the other dead IIRC
  18. Mr Mackay

    overhanging neighbours trees
  19. Mr Mackay

    overhanging neighbours trees

    Perhaps you could dress like Capt Morgan and when you see him go -'Ahhhhh Captain !!!'
  20. Mr Mackay

    England's first wild beavers for 400 years allowed to live on River Otter

    It would be like the Scottish Power white collar man that did a desktop survey to ask me for a wayleave through our grass pasture field to a new build next door to us. He took the nearest route , which curved , , which went past a soakaway a septic tank past the side of a bungalow through 2...

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