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  1. cowboysupper

    Variable rate lime

    We got some VR maps back this week for lime applications this autumn prior to drilling hybrid rye. A couple of fields missed getting lime last autumn due to poor weather conditions and as a result have an increased requirement this year. We've a few fields where sections require 3.5t/acre -...
  2. cowboysupper

    Doosan road compressor

    We have a 2011 Doosan 771 road compressor with an Ingersoll Rand engine in it. Last week the starter packed it in so we replaced it. When the old starter was disconnected from the engine block there were quite a lot of rubber filings in the the flywheel housing. We are led to believe that...
  3. cowboysupper

    Ewes - forage palatability

    I've taken on a field this year which I put ewes and lambs into last Saturday. I've the field sectioned into 4 to create what I hoped would be a nice rotation. The field has peaty soil and hasn't really been grazed properly the last couple of years. As per the pictures the ewes are being very...
  4. cowboysupper

    Maize plastic

    A quick query for the maize experts out there... Our seed merchant supplies both Barbier and Samco film for growing maize. We are keen to get the inputs into our yard ASAP in case of distribution issues in a couple of weeks when we want to sow. We had ordered Samco plastic but the merchant...
  5. cowboysupper

    Soil nitrogen test

    Hi all, looking for some guidance on lab based soil nitrogen testing, something I'll admit to knowing little about. We're running a biogas plant growing grass silage and wholecrop as our main feedstocks. Ultimately we have digestate available in the autumn to spread prior to sowing winter...
  6. cowboysupper

    Washing Down Slurry Gear

    We wash down our dribble bar after every application and now that we're heading into winter we want to give it a real good clean up before its stored away for a few months. Generally we use traffic film remover and soapy water to clean the dribble bar down. It does a reasonable job but it...
  7. cowboysupper

    Stones and sub soiling

    All our grassland for silage is on flat, medium to heavy soil. We are on a four cut silage system and the swards are renewed every 4 years. Last year we introduced a subsoiler to help alleviate compaction, with the plan being to sub soil each silage field once in between reseeds. A quarter of...
  8. cowboysupper

    Wholecrop clamp - bird deterrents

    We are being tortured at the minute by large groups crows landing on the face of our wholecrop pit. Amazing how much they manage to tear out of the face of the clamp every day. Thinking about trying some deterrents to try and keep them away. Unfortunately shooting isn’t really an option due...
  9. cowboysupper

    Fendt cardan shaft

    I’m going through the grease nipples on a second hand Fendt 415 we have for the first time. Struggling to find the grease nipple at the rear end of the cardan shaft. Took a photo of the under side of the shaft(below). I’m wondering has someone previously inserted a small bolt where the grease...
  10. cowboysupper

    Grass silage deficiency

    What do you all think is happening with our grass silage? We took a herbage sample back in March pre. slurry application and were advised that sulphur levels were high in the soil so no need for bagged S. The slurry applications easily covered potash requirements and we spread TSP variable...
  11. cowboysupper

    Fertiliser recommendations for maize

    We've been offered a parcel of ground close by and we're thinking of growing maize for the first time. It has been soil sampled this spring. All of it is index 3 for phosphorus and either 1 or 2+ for potash. The seed merchant is recommending for 17t/ac crop that we apply: 140 units of N 36...
  12. cowboysupper

    Poisonous weeds?

    My in laws have a few small fields that have not been grazed in years but with a little TLC could be useful. While dandering around them earlier I spied a couple of weeds which I’m unsure of and as to whether they are poisonous to livestock. Pretty sure one is cows parsnip as opposed to hog...
  13. cowboysupper

    Cleaning 1000L IBC

    We have some empty 1000L IBCs sitting around the yard which previously contained engine oil. Am I mad to try and consider washing them out to fill with drinking water for sheep? We have a hot wash power hose on the farm to get started and I’ve watched some videos on YouTube suggesting washing...
  14. cowboysupper

    New Holland 6090 towing hook price

    On my travels last night with our New Holland 6090 the towing hook somehow managed to jump out of its storage compartment on the side of the tractor. I've retraced my steps twice but unfortunately have not been able to locate the hook. I called out local New Holland dealer this morning and...
  15. cowboysupper

    Consumed toxic substance - Sheep

    A bunch of ewe escapees managed to find their way to our stash of wheat seed this evening. A few of them look like they’ve had a right munch judging by the colour on their chin. I’m a bit worried that this could be curtains for them if they’ve taken too much! What can I do for them to flush...
  16. cowboysupper

    Biomass woodchipper

    Hoping that someone with more wisdom than I can help point me in the right direction with small scale biomass wood chippers. We have a biomass boiler installed but would now like to make better use of woodland available on the farm, so we're considering the purchase of small scale chipper which...
  17. cowboysupper


    We run a Texel flock of around 50 ewes alongside our commercials, lambing from mid February onwards. Over the past couple of years we've been disappointed with our AI hold rate, which has probably been in around 65-70%. We use fresh semen only and generally the rams have been producing good...
  18. cowboysupper

    Heptavac P

    Our flock has been on the Heptavac P programme for a number of years. In previous years we have been lambing ewes in mid Feb, but decided to split the flock this time round with a batch in Feb and a batch in late March. We'll be doing the Feb lambing ewes shortly and usually do lambs once...
  19. cowboysupper

    Infertile ram

    It's been a long long time since I received a call from someone we sold a ram too to discuss its fertility. Indeed the last ram we took back a ram for apparent infertility was later tested by us and was 100%. So I'm naturally a little sceptical about the phone call I received over the weekend...
  20. cowboysupper

    Biomass boiler insurance

    Our 99kw boilers insurance is up for renewal soon. Currently with NFU Mutual but we'd like to consider some other options. Don't particularly like the fact that they require a maintenance agreement. We would get our boiler serviced regularly despite the agreement. Does anyone recommend other...

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