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  1. Johnnyboxer

    Peterson Farm Brothers

    Some good videos, from these Kansas guys Good to see the parodies too
  2. Johnnyboxer

    When it all goes wrong ...?

    Update on A449 road closure. RTC involving large goods vehicle carrying farm feed and a tractor/trailer carrying potatoes. Walking wounded were treated by West Midlands Ambulance Service. Both drivers had a lucky escape. Fire crews from Ross and Whitchurch assisted with significant fuel leaks...
  3. Johnnyboxer

    Covid 19 found in uk Cat Could be a worryingly big development
  4. Johnnyboxer

    Piddlehinton - Community Spirit

    Just been watching the BBC News and the community spirit to support each other through CV19 and lockdown Their own hardship fund Caring for the elderly Cut flowers bouquets from gardens to NHS nurses Even farmers delivering food to the local travelling community camp to keep them fed - new...
  5. Johnnyboxer

    Lady Cyclist injured by livestock trailer in Yorkshire Dales, near Settle

    Police looking for info 12/5/2020 - 1.35pm a woman cyclist was injured between Horton and Stainforth, when she was struck by a tri axle livestock trailer...
  6. Johnnyboxer

    Furlough extended

    Now up to end of October for employees and 80% wages paid by HMG 8 months at least Going to be a big bill
  7. Johnnyboxer

    Slaughter crisis in US

    Not a good situation in the meat plants Coronavirus: Meat shortage leaves US farmers with 'mind-blowing' choice
  8. Johnnyboxer

    New age of UK Cycling

    HMG promises £2billion for new cycling initiatives New Cycling Commissioner to be appointed New cycling infrastructure to be built this summer m Welcome to the new Green Dream, brought to you by HMG Government to urge us all to walk and cycle more...
  9. Johnnyboxer

    VE Day Commemoration

    As dawn breaks on the 8th May .......let’s remember the sacrifices made by our forefathers and toast a glass to them today to commemorate Victory in Europe But spare a thought that the fight wasn’t over in the Far East and Capt Tom (and his comrades) was still doing his job in Burma until VJ Day
  10. Johnnyboxer

    Biggest Recession since 1706

    We knew it was coming and didn’t think it would be this savage Hope the bounce back is just as quick Could be a bumpy ride, in the meantime BoE modelling - can it be trusted though ? Bank of England warns of deepest recession on record
  11. Johnnyboxer


    Looks like Starmer, ambushed Boris very well Rapier questioning, worth a 2 minute watch
  12. Johnnyboxer


    HMG and Boris have said infection rate needs to be below 1 and lockdown will stay for now
  13. Johnnyboxer

    Recreational Cultivating?

    Is it fact or fallacy ? On a par with recreational shopping for some ladies ? Does it exist or did I just read it on TFF ?
  14. Johnnyboxer

    If Covid 19 'Lockdown' continues..................what will happen to Agriculture, in the economy?

    Is a Covid19 generally decimated economy........... sustainable for more than 3 months? How will Agriculture fare, throughout the rest of 2020 & into 2021? Has anyone got any guess to the future of the Agricultural economy going forward? Production? Farm commodity prices? Dealers and...
  15. Johnnyboxer

    HMG to borrow £180 Billion

    Bloody hell that’s a lot of money to borrow by HMG in Gilt issues May to July 2020 ONS estimates Coronavirus: UK borrowing to see 'colossal increase' to fight virus
  16. Johnnyboxer

    CV19 infects animals Tiger tests positive for coronavirus at Bronx Zoo, first known case in...
  17. Johnnyboxer

    Exit plan

    After CV19 - what’s the exit plan to return to normality??
  18. Johnnyboxer

    Necessity is the mother of invention

    Well done JCB, making metal housings for Dyson ventilation machines 2 of Great Britain’s manufacturing giants, successfully collaborating together to help...
  19. Johnnyboxer

    BoE drops bank interest rate

    Down by 0.5%....,from 0.75% to 0.25%, as a result of the Coronavirus emergency
  20. Johnnyboxer

    nCOV-19 - some post mortem data Interesting real data here, above source China’s National Health Commission has published autopsy results for deceased coronavirus patients, and claimed that infection sources have been determined, Xinhua agency reported Wednesday. The article provides data on...

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