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  1. Will Blackburn

    Weaving GD user thread

    Damage already done?
  2. Will Blackburn

    Milk pricing and test

    Generally milk is only sampled on farm not tested. There are bottom limits for acceptable fat and protein, some contracts pay bonuses for all “excess” solids some pay limited bonuses for solids within certain boundaries.
  3. Will Blackburn

    Countryfile tonight

    With that many volunteers they can well afford to make 1200 staff redundant 🤦‍♂️. We may even have to deal with a volunteer land agent 😬
  4. Will Blackburn

    Direct drilling Hybrid Rye into old pasture

    With a pH like that and Mg levels where they are it would suggest the ground maybe really short of calcium. Whether rye can cope with that I wouldn’t know?
  5. Will Blackburn

    750a mods

    If you could mount a meter on the opposite side of the venturi to the seed and utilise that then there surely couldn’t be a problem with a gravity feed?
  6. Will Blackburn

    Cordless angle grinder?

    I buy spurious old style makita, dyson and Alemite grease gun batteries on eBay. Super job they are.
  7. Will Blackburn

    Taking land levels

    Critically it makes it a one person job, had mine nearly 15 years, a grade function would be min spec IMO.
  8. Will Blackburn

    Goodnature A24 Rat Trap

    A small problem can become a big problem. 😉
  9. Will Blackburn

    Fungicides toxic to earthworms

    MBC fungicides I think are very toxic to worms, I remember going to the cricket club with my Dad to spray the square to prevent worm casts. I presume subsequently withdrawn for the same reason which is why I assume modern fungicides are far easier on worms. But a quick search suggests it is off...
  10. Will Blackburn

    Goodnature A24 Rat Trap

    Solved the problem in about a month. Bit of a nest below the oopfs.
  11. Will Blackburn

    Goodnature A24 Rat Trap

    I bought two, one did a great job with 8 kills the other had 2 kills. Fit and forget operation suits me.
  12. Will Blackburn

    Proximity switch wiring

    Black live Blue fill, covered = no signal Brown empty, covered = signal This is normal pump notation ie brown empty sewage, blue fill water.
  13. Will Blackburn

    How much pressure disc drill

    Depends on the disc diameter. Generally between 200 to 300 kg.
  14. Will Blackburn

    Agricultural land values still holding .

    If it’s a full on dairy farm then fixed equipment will be £1m plus😲
  15. Will Blackburn


    Get a Keenan tub best of both worlds then?
  16. Will Blackburn

    electric fence energiser

    Voss, that’s quite a distance for a battery, any chance of mains power?
  17. Will Blackburn

    Wreckers!! The tractor ended up on the other carriageway to the trailer!
  18. Will Blackburn


    This evening getting on the a556 bypass the wrong way according to the cops.
  19. Will Blackburn

    Brand new old liners

    12 months, but if it fails it isn't going to affect the health of my herd potentially long term.
  20. Will Blackburn

    New Water supply pipe - how to get around the requirements!

    We had the same, it was popping stop taps. PRV fitted now👍

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