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  1. Alan88

    Northern Ireland Milk Price Tracker

    Up a couple of litres per cow (y)
  2. Alan88

    Northern Ireland Milk Price Tracker

    This is the first year we put the cows out at night in a long time. Was nice not having to scrape and bed cubicles all through the summer and a lot less slurry to get rid of now.
  3. Alan88

    Why are Lineker and Ball worth over £1m salary?

    Stephen nolan has some salary 😲
  4. Alan88

    Grave Stone Slab. Too close to ours.

    Speak to whoever's in charge of the grave yard. My Dad is in charge of the grave yard at church and they have very specific rules about sizes of headstones/surrounds/placement of them etc
  5. Alan88

    Age of presidents

    Glad I'm not the only one who thought it was strange they want to elect someone that age
  6. Alan88

    things that make you smile

    The school run begins. Eldest daughter is away to her first day of p1 and she's been excited all week for it :)
  7. Alan88

    The meme thread

  8. Alan88

    Well, I never..........

    Multi pack bags seem to be 17grams now :(
  9. Alan88

    Kids 12v ride on toys.

    Grandparents bought a wee one at a car boot it's really slow but the kids love it.
  10. Alan88

    The meme thread

  11. Alan88

    How remote is you farm?

    1 mile to a very handy mechanic (worls from his house) 2 miles to get hydraulic hoses fixed (worls from his house/van) 3 miles to an excellent engineering workshop 4 or 5 miles to 3 towns the feed mill, massey and deere dealer 10 miles to the bigger town and the bank 50 to belfast Gonna be in...
  12. Alan88

    The meme thread

  13. Alan88

    Serving protocols

    I just do one at a time. Been doing it for a couple of years now and when I thaw a couple I always end up with an awkward one first that seems to take too long for me get right. When the straw is thawed I put it down my back between by t-shirt and hoody/coat
  14. Alan88

    things that make you smile

    Think we did see some yea
  15. Alan88

    things that make you smile

    Nice day out yesterday with the family at the giants causeway and a drive round the coast. 4 year old has no fear climbing to the top of the causeway :cool:
  16. Alan88

    The meme thread

  17. Alan88

    Rebuilding vacuum pump

    I thought that. Never done it before cheers
  18. Alan88

    Rebuilding vacuum pump

    Currently putting the vacuum pump on the slurry tanker back together after running it dry. Should the new vanes get a light touch of oil when we put them back in? So they aren't completely dry when we start it up again.
  19. Alan88

    The never-ending tunes thread

    Really enjoying the new alestorm album. For more silly nonsense like this check out the album
  20. Alan88

    Anyone sticking up for that cop in the US?

    What kind of people do America employ as cops? ?

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