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  1. Lincs Lass

    Fibreglass repair

    Is it possible to re bond the latch pin back in , its fibreglass ,about 8mm thick,,got a new pin so Ide guess fill the damaged hole and drill out once its set
  2. Lincs Lass

    Crew cab pickup

    In the market for a crew cab pickup ,budget 10-12k inc vat ,,must have towbar and canopy and must be Auto ,,linconlshire . My lovely landcruiser colorado failed its mot in dramatic style and its not worth ploughing any more into it . PM what you have
  3. Lincs Lass

    The end of the world ,,Or so some think

    Friend just come back from town,shoppers have cleared the loo rolls again . The mere mention of another lockdown and everybody panicks.
  4. Lincs Lass

    Manitou MLT629-120

    @ACEngineering . Enquiring for my landlord . Price for an Iskra starter motor for this machine . Also a bottom door complete with hinges. PM me please
  5. Lincs Lass

    DDM ,,Crowle ,,Scunthorpe
  6. Lincs Lass

    Faith in humanity restored

    Had a piece of equipment for sale on FB marketplace ,,three inquiries ,one of which was only 20 miles away but all three were no shows . I reduced the price a little but still above where I expected to get offered down to . I having my breakfast this morning ,,messenger notification goes off and...
  7. Lincs Lass

    Home again

    Well that was experience I dont ever want to repeat. After last Sunday's events I'm now an appendix less ,1/2 stone lighter, a pint of claret drained out ,cv19 free and my whole body feels like I've been trampled ,,,other than that ,,I'm hunky dory. Calling the scap man end of the month to get...
  8. Lincs Lass

    North Lincolnshire Landrovers taken

    Three land rovers have been stolen in broad daylight from Brigg in the last two days ,,also three high performance cars have also been stolen in Scunthorpe ,,only 8 miles apart . it would suggest a gang have targeted the area. Keep your vehicles secured if you live in the county
  9. Lincs Lass

    Manitou brake fluid

    What spec fluid for an MLT 629 -120 LS , Y reg . Is it Dot 3 or 4 @ACEngineering
  10. Lincs Lass

    No No No ,Not another which pickup

    Ok ,,my faithfull 90 series LC colorado 3.4 petrol is really showing her age underneath ,especialy round the rear chassis and tow bar brackets ,,I know it needs a couple of small jobs for the next mot as they were advisories last time . I think its time for her to be looking at pastures new...
  11. Lincs Lass

    Up Up and away ,,The skydivers are back

    Nice shot of my little village
  12. Lincs Lass

    Blight spray

    Spuds in the garden are just about to flowering stage ,its getting warmer again after the rain so Im thinking its blight spraying time ,,too soon yet or prevention better than cure
  13. Lincs Lass

    National timber shortage

    Had the head office of my local fence panel supplies on the phone this morning telling me there is a huge shortage of rough sawn timber for construction and fence panels . Apparently because the Scottish government are not lifting lockdown as quick as we have ,the saw mills are stood idle ,the...
  14. Lincs Lass

    If you could

    If you had one dream and had the money to do it ,what would it be . I keep saying if I won the lottery ,I would love a small holding 20-30acres with some woodland,a river or stream running though it, a variation of small animals to fatten and self survive of . Part of the land grow every...
  15. Lincs Lass

    Private Renters holiday

    Like the mortgage holidays ,,how are any the member who rent houses to self employed private individuals going about it ,,so far my landlord has not mentioned anything and as Im SE ,no work ,no income and cant get through to hmrc to find out whats happening . This house was the farm house and...
  16. Lincs Lass

    Friday night entertainment

    Running YouTube through the 5.1 and watching Scooter at serious volume. Brilliant group
  17. Lincs Lass

    Film on ITV2 ,,contagion

    Film from 2011 about a world wide epidemic ,,Its as near a copy of CV now
  18. Lincs Lass

    Leeds magistrates court

    Might have to go next week as a witness ,,cant say what about , but my friend might have to go aswell for the same reason but as I've never set foot in Leeds ,does anybody know of a car park close enough as my friend has copd on oxygen and registered disabled so need to be as close as possible...
  19. Lincs Lass


    Two for the diary DDM Agriculture, Land Agents, Auctioneers & Valuers 3 hrs · SAVE THE DATE Farm Machinery Auction - Saturday 07 March 2020 at Beasthorpe Farm, Thornton le Moor, Market Rasen, Lincolnshire, LN7 6JD Further details will be uploaded nearer the date. DDM Agriculture, Land Agents...
  20. Lincs Lass

    Stolen tractor

    Taken from FB Anyone missing a tractor from Thorne ,,Doncaster

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