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  1. Alan88

    Rebuilding vacuum pump

    Currently putting the vacuum pump on the slurry tanker back together after running it dry. Should the new vanes get a light touch of oil when we put them back in? So they aren't completely dry when we start it up again.
  2. Alan88

    MF 3095 linkage controls

    Linkage isnt working on our mf 3095. Fuses on the dash are all ok and oil level ok. The up down lights on the controls flick on and off again when I activate the toggle switch but nothing moves. Thanks
  3. Alan88

    Computer Startup

    Mums computer wont startup itself without having to press f1 and into advanced mode then esc out of it without actually doing anything. Also it won't stay at the right date and time which is very annoying even when it's set at 'set time automatically' Thanks
  4. Alan88

    MF 550 brake pedal

    The right brake pedal on our MF 550 doesn't spring back up again after using it. Any suggestions on a spring needing changed or what it would be. The left brake pedal comes up again once I take my foot of the clutch. Its a bit annoying scraping the slats and having to manually lift the pedal...
  5. Alan88

    New laptop

    Time to update my laptop. Just wondering what the basic setup I would need just for Internet, photos music and some office work. Thanks
  6. Alan88

    Compressor connector help

    Would like to add an airline to the compressor that's used with the milking parlour. So we can inflate wheels and blow down the condensing units. The line for the milking parlour comes out the end but the old compressor had a second line on top that I was able to connect a hose to for those...
  7. Alan88


    Anybody else looking forward to watching the superbowl tonight? Think I'll maybe go to bed for a couple of hours once the little ones go to bed shortly and then get up again to watch it. GO PATS!
  8. Alan88

    Spouting and Leaves

    Is there anyway to stop leaves blocking the spouting between two sheds? Without cutting down the nearby trees or making one roof over both sheds (if we had the money i would like this done). Or is this just a problem we have to deal with till we have the money to re-roof As you can see it...
  9. Alan88

    Cubicle Ratchet Strap

    The strap along the top of the cubicles has broke. The original de boer one snapped a few years ago and we just ordered a replacement strap from the local hardware shop which has now also snapped. Are they made to different strengths or is just coincidence that the original de boer strap lasted...
  10. Alan88

    Another welder advice thread

    Went to a local firm and asked for a mig for the farm. Got offered an Ine 275 (I think) for £950+vat just need the gas and it's ready to go. They said I would need one that big to future proof myself so I can do heavier work. They could sell me cheaper one but it would only be 'Chinese...
  11. Alan88

    Fix cracked paint

    Getting ready to paint my sons room and the previous paint has cracked in places and don't want it to happen again. it's currently magnolia so it's not really noticeable but it will be when it's get a lick of blue paint. It's just cracked in the bedrooms. Living room, Kitchen, bathroom, utilty...
  12. Alan88

    More 550 problems

    Just put a new radiator in the 550 and I've a leaking pipe at the back of the engine that doesn't go anywhere. Also a black hydraulic pipe coming from the dash that doesn't go anywhere. Thanks Edit - tried to post a picture but can't get it to load
  13. Alan88

    Battery holder for MF 550

    Anybody a picture of what way the battery is held in place on a MF 550 radiator is destroyed with it bouncing against it. Threaded bar in front and behind the battery and a small flat plate over the top of the battery to hold it down. something as simple as that do the trick? Cheers
  14. Alan88

    MF 550 PTO turning all the time

    Massey 550 PTO turns constantly while running. Is there a simple way to sort this out? Thanks
  15. Alan88

    MF 3095 dynashift problem

    MF 3095 dynashift wont stay in D. When you flick the lever from C-D it just snaps back to C. It used to stay in D when i held it in place a bit longer. Any suggestions?
  16. Alan88

    Lights for young stock

    Electrician was out at the end of the week fixing the lights in the shed for the bulling heifers and I was wondering if there was any advantage to giving them a 16 hour light day? would it increase bulling activity and feed intake for younger calves?
  17. Alan88

    Workshop tool suggestions

    Our farm hasn't much workshop tools and I'm just wondering what suggestions everyone has for a good mig welder, bench grinder, compressor etc. To get well equipped with. I don't think I'll be doing big serious engineering like others on here merely trying to fix more myself. Thanks

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