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  1. Richard Smyth

    Ultra Reliable Tractor?

    ford owned the versatile plant and built the genesis for themselves. The plant and versatile name were sold because of the cnh merger. Genesis tractors were then marketed as buhler versatile and later just versatile. Genesis name stayed with cnh which they now use for the t8 range
  2. Richard Smyth

    What sort of hitch is this

    Google “ring feeder coupling”
  3. Richard Smyth

    Tandem axle slurry tankers

    vaguely remember going to the factory in what was probably the late 80s or early 90s. was an impressive place with a lot of gear being turned. what actually happened them
  4. Richard Smyth

    Tandem axle slurry tankers

    Nothing wrong with them in their day. I used to shift a lot of slurry over summer and weekends over winter/spring when still at school. 👍
  5. Richard Smyth

    Tandem axle slurry tankers

    ive never heard of them before I saw his video. Thought it was odd but they look ok from the pictures I’ve seen. I suppose if his is still going in 20 years it will be ok. I do know where there is a star tanker still going which would have to be 25 year old and everyone seems to think they were...
  6. Richard Smyth

    Tandem axle slurry tankers

    tom Pemberton seems to rate them
  7. Richard Smyth

    Drill filling ideas.

    split the trailer like I said and put that auger on it. Spot on and 15 ton give or take in the field at any time. I moved the tipper body onto a skel trailer this year and carry liquid fert in the tank and shuttles at the front. Don’t even need a tractor on trailer to tip it as use seeder...
  8. Richard Smyth

    Drill filling ideas.

    Put a partition in a grain trailer with an auger on the tailgate to load the drill. I have seed at front and fertiliser at the back of my trailer I built. Holds 11 ton fert and about the same of seed. Then use a double door at the rear...
  9. Richard Smyth

    Fendt tier 5 724

    Is this an issue when using stick or pedal mode. My 927 seems to be sluggish from standstill in stick mode but fine in pedal mode. Never used to be like it. It’s been updated a while prior to me noticing
  10. Richard Smyth

    Base station to N-trip

    thats correct. I can’t remember when it was switched off but it was a long time ago now. i can’t get away by sending data from my phone it will have to be a external modem with antennae. what about Trimble receivers. New tractor is coming with Trimble 382 receiver and hoping it will have a 4g...
  11. Richard Smyth

    Base station to N-trip

    I find the 3G signal on my varioguide setup rarely gets above 3 bars. Sometimes 4 but not often. I do find it works fine with no bars at 30-40 km from the nearest cell tower in very rolling country. Have a tractor coming at end of year which will have Trimble receiver on it. Will be interesting...
  12. Richard Smyth

    John Deere 6175 premium radio Bluetooth disconnects

    Running iPhone XR here. Just had it disconnect after less than 5 minutes. If this was my tractor the dealer would be hearing about it. Thankfully I own nothing Deere. used to drop out on a 2015 8320r I used for 18 months also.
  13. Richard Smyth

    John Deere 6175 premium radio Bluetooth disconnects

    it never connects through the display. Always have to get it connected through the phone settings. It’s a poor system that they don’t want to fix.
  14. Richard Smyth

    John Deere 6175 premium radio Bluetooth disconnects

    No fix but the radio in a 8270r that I drive from time to time does similar. It’s a 2019 model too. it randomly drops out. Sometimes as much as 2 times per hour. Always says my phone is paired to it and only way to get back on is through phone settings. Deere as usual couldn’t give a toss here...
  15. Richard Smyth

    Mf 390t

    The 18x6 were flying machines too. Uncles had a 390t 2wd 40 kmh and it would leave the 3095 40 kmh sitting still.
  16. Richard Smyth

    Base station to N-trip

    I have used mine with the original 450 MHz antennae which worked but not advisable I’ve changed it to a cellular antennae and it’s much better. I’m amazed at where I can get ntrip coverage. It’s reliable up to 100 km from my base station also. topcon agi4 or Agco ag3000 whatever you want to call it
  17. Richard Smyth

    John Deere X9 first drive

    unless they are getting a trial macdon then it won’t be 54 ft. Biggest they sell currently is 45
  18. Richard Smyth

    Kuhn VT 50 terminal and ISOBUS cabling help

    The second picture is not an isobus 11783 cable pinout. It is an iso 11786 diagram. This plugs into the 7 pin plug in the cab of newer tractors not the 9 pin isobus 11783 socket in the cabs. normally when I see these plugs the control box will have a seperate power supply. edit Looks like it...
  19. Richard Smyth

    Deutz Fahr 8TTV

    Where is the 11 series that they were showing around years ago. Was supposed to be out at same time as fendt 1000 series.
  20. Richard Smyth

    Puma new shape roof

    granted it is more than a cable tie but I can set most pumps up with hydraulic for not much more than a pto shaft and have never had them go wrong yet

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