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  1. Andyt880

    Is this blight on my potatoes?

    New to growing potatoes here. We noticed a few plants with black stalks and black on the leaves tonight. Is this blight? They are British Queens and are ready to dig. They were sprayed with Infneto 48hrs before these photos were taken. Spoke to the spray supplier over the phone and he thought it...
  2. Andyt880

    Super faun potato harvester

    We have just bought a super faun potato harvester ( haven’t got it home yet so don’t even have a photo to post) It seems to have been well looked after and always dry stored by a small scale grower who would have been an owner operator set up. It’s had new bearings in the gear box and looks to...
  3. Andyt880

    Click or crovect??

    I winter shear my ewes around Christmas and so don’t shear now at this time of year. My ewes would have at least an inch of fleece on them now (some might have more). I usually apply a blow fly prevention around now due to not shearing. I have used click extra in previous years. It seems to be...
  4. Andyt880

    Cold spell and mastitis in ewes

    Still a lot to learn about sheep here so always like to hear other people’s thoughts. I hear people round here saying that a cold wind or a late frost can cause a ewe to take a ‘bad bag’ or mastitis I assume is what they mean. Is this true and if so how does the cold cause this? I was of the...
  5. Andyt880

    Krone rotavator gear box oil level

    Just bought an old krone rotavator. I’m just wonder if anyone knows how to check the gear box oil level. The Allen key bolt on top is to change between the 2 speeds in the box and the plate beside is just on top of the casing.
  6. Andyt880

    Redstart for grazing lambs

    I am planning on sowing approx 3 acres of redstart now in early May to graze lambs on after weaning time, say mid August. I have never grown or grazed brassica before so all advice is greatly appreciated. My plan is to spray off the old PP and plough it. Any tips for the seeding process? I...
  7. Andyt880

    Nose fill drinkers for sheep?

    Anyone using these nose fill type drinkers for sheep when inside? I am thinking of trying 1 or 2. I’m fed up with the standard self fill bowls overflowing and need a few replacements anyway.
  8. Andyt880

    How much feed will fattening pigs eat?

    I am thinking of buying a few litters of pigs again to take through to finish. I can get landrace x Duroc stores at 25kg/30kg. I am wondering approximately how much feed it will take to bring them to finished (100 kg live weight). They will be housed in old loose box style houses, partly...
  9. Andyt880

    Meningitis in lambs??

    I’ve had 3 lambs went off their feet, 2 were quite stiff and had their heads thrown back, these 2 lambs died shortly after I found them. The third lamb went down but didn’t seem to be as bad the others, it has survived for a week but still hasn’t got up. The lamb that has survived until now was...
  10. Andyt880

    Drenching ewes with young lambs

    I am thinking of drenching my ewes with superverm (fluke and worm) before letting them out after lambing. I was planning on doing them when the lambs are 2 days old (also tailing lambs as I go) and then let them out 1 or 2 days later depending on the weather. The ewes have been housed since...
  11. Andyt880

    Silage quality for ewes

    First year feeding in lamb ewes here. Just looking for a few opinions on a silage analysis for feeding to ewes. They are 4 weeks off lambing and housed. They have been getting good quality hay until now but it is running out so I’m going to change them over to the silage. Most ewes would have a...
  12. Andyt880

    Clipping ewes for housing

    Just wondering what the thoughts are on clipping ewes that are going to housed in the next week or so until mid march. They will be housed on wire mesh in a fairly closed in shed. Several people have told me it would be best to clip them when housed. Lambing starts around 17th of march so will...
  13. Andyt880

    David brown double spool valve

    I'm after an original double spool valve for a DB selectamatic. It needs to be from a single pump tractor so something like an 880 or 990, not from a 1210 etc. Any body got one lying around that would be for sale? I'll attach a photo of one I found on google images. @Selectamatic @John1694
  14. Andyt880

    LP UK Plant Sales

    Anyone know of this company or had any dealings with them. They seem to have some good second hand tractors on their website at very reasonable prices. I havnt contacted them yet, just thought I'd test the water first.
  15. Andyt880

    Case 1394 on eBay in London area

    This may not be in the correct section. I was just wondering if anyone knows this tractor? I'm from Northern Ireland and would consider the tractor if it was genuine. I have messaged the seller (awaiting reply). Thanks for your help...
  16. Andyt880

    Walk through feeders

    This will be my first year housing in lamb ewes. I want to make wooden walk through feeders. Can anyone give me approx dimensions? The main things I need to know is the overall width, the height of the first side rail, the space for sheep to eat through and the overall height. I will also make a...

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