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  1. grainboy

    Norwich part Two

    Why end a totally non offensive thread ????? I’m either thick or missing something, But then never quite understand the power of certain moderators, !!
  2. grainboy

    Crendon Concrete frame

    Crendon Concrete frame building now being dismantled, Parts available, Frame, Purlins etc, Or will be crushed on site,
  3. grainboy

    Angle auger

    A Tff member was looking for one, but can’t find the thread, now have this available.
  4. grainboy

    Dutch Barn

    Dutch barn, coming down in a few weeks, available for sale,
  5. grainboy

    Crendon Building

    Crendon building coming down in two weeks, Posts, Frame and Purlins available,
  6. grainboy

    Breaking Massey 30 Drill

    Breaking Massey 30 Tined Drill, all parts available,
  7. grainboy

    Massey Wheels and Tyres

    Massey 12.4 / 11 - 28 Wheels and Tyres, £300 plus vat
  8. grainboy


    Collected this today, is for sale, any one interested, ?
  9. grainboy

    Grain bins to Romania

    5 Grain bins of to a new life in Romania,
  10. grainboy


    Customers DEXTA, he wants to sell to fund his Flying hobby, available anything over £2500
  11. grainboy

    John Deere 4040

    Used to be my summer drive, early 80‘s, early days of bagged silage,
  12. grainboy

    A few CATS

    Renhold hold Rally, early 80’s
  13. grainboy

    A few CATS

    Renhold hold Rally, early 80’s
  14. grainboy

    Tractor Pulling Royal show,

    1979 I think
  15. grainboy

    Shuttleworth early 80’s

    Went to, and then worked at Shutts, 76 to 82,
  16. grainboy

    Ransomes 2 Furrow

    Ransomes 2 Furrow plough, model ? Tidy plough, open to offers,
  17. grainboy

    Pettit Discs, Another one for you Classic boys

    Nice tidy set of Pettit Discs available, Full working order, open to offers,
  18. grainboy

    David Brown 4 Furrow

    What would this be worth ? anyone interested ?
  19. grainboy

    Turbulator Rotary cultivator

    Rotary Cultivator, don’t know if it is efficient in use, but good straight frame, with double levelling rear packer, possibly make good conversion project. £350 plus vat
  20. grainboy


    DOWDESWELL 4 Furrow, needs a bit of TLC, only 3 skimmer legs, £350 plus vat

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