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  1. john432

    Wood chipper

    If it's too damp for a telehandler
  2. john432

    Is it a scam?

    I enquired about wanting the Class Axion ,810,and haven't heard anything back. My guess is that these scamers now probably have a data base of time wasters.
  3. john432

    John Deere 4500 telehandler front axle problem

    Fitted to Manitou 626 series 1 and 2 as well.
  4. john432

    Budget pickup £7k an under

    Great wall ? Seriously cheap second hand, towing capacity lower. Drive ok, and quite economical, parts take a few days from ordering.
  5. john432

    Prices for machinery from diffrent dealers with out of area dealers refusing to quote

    I now for a fact a farm that has bought two new tractors from a dealer about a 100 miles away. A local independent mechanic is now doing the services etc, so there are allwsys ways and means around every perceived problem.
  6. john432

    Is it a scam?

    The Class is mine! So keep your hands off🤪
  7. john432

    Is it a scam?

    Lead them on when you've some spare time
  8. john432

    Is it a scam?

    Quite obvious a scam, just send the fools further, ask for a photo of the reg documents etc, the service book, serial number of the engine etc, even the radio fitted .cos they won't have the info!
  9. john432

    Is it a scam?

    Isle of Man? Massive ferry charges to move stuff back and for to the main land for starters. Where is that building go on Google earth, street view their address. Don't part with your cash untill your sitting in it! Is my advice.
  10. john432

    Prices for machinery from diffrent dealers with out of area dealers refusing to quote

    So would I I would have changed brand to on principal, or imported the new tractor from the continent or somewhere, are there any doing it nowadays? Any price advantage? Guy? On here use to do it.
  11. john432

    Prices for machinery from diffrent dealers with out of area dealers refusing to quote

    A good friend was changing his 3 year old JD with a loader, we failed to get neighbouring area dealers to give a quote, even though one was closer to us, and the other had supplied tractors to a nearby contactor,who refused to trade with the area dealer. So my friend changed his tractor on...
  12. john432

    Backhoe v's Tracked Excavator

    A backhoe loader is something from the past. I've a JCB 3cx. Spent a day in it last week cleaning out the small ditches on the sides of the farm lane to take the flood water. Nearly drove me to dispair. Moving on half a bucket at a time, and trying to load the tipping trailer directly behind...
  13. john432

    Best pressure washer (possibly a KEW 1502V)

    Have you thought about an engine driven one. No extension leads, and if your on single phase limited in power. Love mine compared with electric, any water supply and your away
  14. john432

    Massey Ferguson 565 not starting off ignition

    Ok first make sure your tractor is out of gear, throttle and stopper ready to run. First try short circuiting the ignition terminal and the battery terminal as in the photo, starter should turn normally and the engine starts. If all you get is a clicking noise, the internal contacts are burned...
  15. john432

    Massey Ferguson 565 not starting off ignition

    Yes my trick does bypass the clutch . That's what happened in school ,the townies started it in gear with no one on board.😞
  16. john432

    Massey Ferguson 565 not starting off ignition

    Do you know the trick of short circuit ING the terminals on the starter to get them started? I got a bolliking off the headmaster in secondary school for my helpfull advice on how to start a tractor with no keys 🤔
  17. john432

    topper blades

    Some sacking and string. People think too complicated these days, or have too much money, or spend someone else's.
  18. john432

    MF Error Code

    My 6475 tier 3 perkins was down on power, and stopping sometimes, changed all the filters , no better, thought the hand primer was a bit slow, so blew back the outlet from the tank , and went fine.
  19. john432

    How is welding done underwater?

  20. john432

    JD 6310 Hydraulic problem

    I just put in the spool only in the priority valve block .I had to ream out the internal hole with fineEmery cloth to get it to move. It's a complicated system, as there's lowish pressure in the system all the time, and on demand the pump kicks in.

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