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  1. jorgenbg

    Horsch sprinter keeps blocking

    Hi Today we tried our Sprinter for the first time, DD into spring oats. We cut the straw as high as possible when combining to minimize the residue issue. With original duetts it works the soil alot and drags up the straw with soil, and then blocks. Any ideas what todo? Another issue with...
  2. jorgenbg

    Insane MF dealer workshop prices.

    Hi Just got my MF7718 back from the stealers. The electric spool valve was playing up, and needed changing. Invoice say: 8 hours of work at 100 punds per hour. 8 hours sounds just insane to me. Any idea what this kind of job involves. To me it just looks like a few scews. Total price...
  3. jorgenbg

    Help with steel frame footings, grain store.

    Hello In these times its hard to get any professionals to help quickly. Im building a new grain store with silos. The geo guy said that I could not do any weight difference on the ground, hench I had to dig out the same amount of dirt as the weight of the building incl. grain. So, Im lowering...
  4. jorgenbg

    1989 Massey 3080 at auction. 120 hours!!
  5. jorgenbg

    NH Combine auto flotation error

    Hi Just startet the combine for the year and I get these autoflotation error code. E642 CCM volt issue E301 sensor issue and others related to this. If I try to activate the autoflotation the header raises itself to highest position. The dealer does not have anyone available to look at...
  6. jorgenbg

    Horsch Avatar with fert.

    Hi I'm looking into this DD thing. Currently running a Vaddy rapid box drill with fert. Did DD 100ac with this last autumn and it worked fairly well. All the straw was removed which I normally dont. So, I guess the avatar puts the fert right next to the seed. This spring when drilling oats I...
  7. jorgenbg

    CAT TH fault codes

    hi Anyone have the error code description for these machines. I got a TH414. Nothing in the book and Google did not help much. Cheers
  8. jorgenbg

    New Holland Combine Spreader Hood

    Hi Looking for Spreader Hood, Combine model 2006 CL 560 Hillside. Part nr. 84434275. New/used. Needs to be shipped to Norway. Thanks in advance. Joergen.
  9. jorgenbg

    Dromone hitch. Push out without lowering?

    Hi Was in a hurry today and had to move a small lorry trailer with WBG eye. Managed to get it fully locked on the Dromone hitch, and now impossible to release. There are two allen bolts on top of what I think is the locking mechanism, so you can`t push the hitch out without lowering it. Would...
  10. jorgenbg

    MF 77 series. How to use pnumatic system to inflate a tyre

    Hi Never had a tractor with pnumatic brake system before. On the back it has a large red coupling, but normal air hoses use much smaller size. In the toolbox I found another large red coupling with normal air hose coupling attached. Female in both ends. Is it to attach somewhere so I can use...
  11. jorgenbg

    Amazone boom sections gremlin

    Hi I have an Amazone from 2015 with Amaspray+ control box. The other day one of the boom sections did not shut off while spraying. After a while it was normal again. 20 min later another section did the same. Next day it worked fine for about 30min and now 3 sections is not working. Two are...
  12. jorgenbg

    JD 6125R speed signal socket

    Anyone know if there´s one hidden behind the trim like the old 30 series? No one in the cab now.
  13. jorgenbg

    Wolf cubs arrive in Devon from Sweden as part of rewilding plan

    Good luck!
  14. jorgenbg

    CAT telehandler head stock

    Hello Dunno if I´m an idiot or not. Bought a Cat telehandler on the Hewden auction today. TH414C. Know nothing about them, or any other telehandler to tell the truth. Google does not improve my knowledge all that much. I guess the head stock is CAT specific? Think I found one bucket for sale...
  15. jorgenbg

    MF 77 series

    Hi Looking for a new 180-200hp tractor and find MF 77 series to be cheaper than most other brands. Are they any good? Dyna 6 and efficient spec. 90% field work. I can´t find any information regarding factory warranty on their website. Only service packages and extended warranty you can buy.
  16. jorgenbg

    swedish ploughing

  17. jorgenbg

    Telehandler vs. loader tractor

    Hi What would be the cons of swaping a loader tractor for a telehandler? I have never driven one. Can't really afford to have both. It will be used to restore buildings, clearing snow, loading drill, all kinds of yard work. Will need bucket, forks and possibly man basket. I guess they get...
  18. jorgenbg

    Mechanical weed control

    Looking into the possibiility of buying a wide harrow used for weed control in crops. This will give us about 70p/ha in subs. Does anyone have experience with it? Our land is mostly medium to heavy clay. We grow SW, SB, WW, SOSR, SO. Spring Oats usually compete well against weeds, but I'm...
  19. jorgenbg

    Convert lorry trailer to tractor trailer

    Hi I just bought an old Blohmenrohr machine trailer. It has air brakes and pull bar like the picture. The height of the pull bar is just fine, but I need to replace it with one that fit tractor hitch. Anyone know of a long pull bar with correct papers that will fit this trailer? No welding...
  20. jorgenbg

    Best way to implement Kverneland Geospread

    Hi We are about to buy a new spreader and like the KV Geo. It will be mounted on a JD6430 with manual spools and no screens. We don't have any gps or isobus equipment in the tractor. What do you think will be the most economical, flexible and easy system to buy? It must be possible to add...

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