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  1. Jetemp

    Low loader looking for loads

    I have an extendable low loader available to move agricultural machinery nationwide Driven by an experienced tractor operator who has over 25 years experience operating large and complex machinery Based in North Yorkshire, if you require anything moving would gladly supply a quote Thanks James
  2. Jetemp

    Texa diagnostics

    Has anyone got or used Texa off highway diagnostic package to any success? looking for good points and bad points! Is it really dealer level diagnostics for tractors thanks James
  3. Jetemp

    In furrow ploughing on 710s

    Hi All looking for some advice on putting 710 tyres in furrow. Gregoire Besson plough hrpw7 I think! should I be looking at furrow wideners or collapsing the furrow wall etc? Heavy land so will take a lot to fill the furrow after it’s been squashed with the wide tyre! would normally plough on...
  4. Jetemp

    DD ring measurement

    Another obscure question from me! In my mind there is a measurement between the top of a set of dd rings and the frame that they are attached too, at this measurement the rings are worn out! Don’t suppose any one knows this measurement! Would help greatly in judging if our rings need...
  5. Jetemp

    Long shot..............

    possibly not in the correct category! Moderators if you think this post is more appropriate else where please move A couple of years ago i saw an advert for a pair of bulkers? Along with a bogie/dolly that meant a tractor could pull the bulkers around on the dolly The one thing that sticks in...
  6. Jetemp

    Storage boxes for a pickup!

    Hi all I’m hoping some of you out there will know what I’m looking for! I’m after a waterproof plastic box to stick in the back of my pick up to put boots & overalls etc in so they stay dry! I can’t really find what I want! Has anybody any good suggestions! Tia james
  7. Jetemp

    L200 or Navara double cab pickup

    hi all I’m looking for a 2/3 year old l200 or Navara double cab pickup the latest shape of either! I won’t be able to claim the vat back on it so in an ideal world would like to find a truck that has no vat liability! Anybody got anything suitable for sale or have any leads on where I might...
  8. Jetemp

    Csfb control

    im sure I read somewhere a report on the effects of various insecticides for the control of csfb. Wondered if anybody knew where I'd seen this! And point me in the right direction! Tia James
  9. Jetemp

    Topcon x20 help

    I am after a bit of help. We are using an x20 to variably apply lime with prescription maps. I have forgotten what I need to name the folder to transfer the prescription maps using job assistant. It is somthing like topcon_datatransfer but I'm not sure, I tried our dealer but didn't get the...
  10. Jetemp

    Situation Vacant Drier/weighbridge operator

    Drier operator required - North Yorkshire Were looking for a drier and weighbridge operator to run a large grain drying and gtas assuered storage operation, drying up to 15000 tonnes of produce through a 45 tph continuous flow Allmet drier. This is a state of the art setup with huge output...
  11. Jetemp

    Specialized invoicing software

    hi all I am wondering if there is software commercially available to do what I want!! We are contractors and I'm looking to stream line our invoicing! I am looking for an app that our staff can have on the phones/iPads etc. I want them to be able to record work activity I'm then want this...
  12. Jetemp

    Tyre repair tools and parts

    lookingnfor somewhere preferably online to purchase quality tyre and tube repair repair equipment. Also replacement tubes etc, which is generally the best tube manufacturer Tia James
  13. Jetemp

    Are we mad thinking about running a wagon?

    as the title suggest are we mad?? I understand the legalities of running a wagon and fulfill all requirements so don't need to go there! We farm 3500 ish acres spread across 30 miles, we bring all of our produce to our own central grain store and we run a chaser bin, we have hired wagons in on...
  14. Jetemp

    Osr clethodim damage

    Im trying to balance the two issues up! Has any body suffered clethodim damage to a crop of osr, blackgrass or clethodim damage?! Which would be the lesser of two evils James
  15. Jetemp


    Does any one know the costs associated with buying gatekeeper and the annual charges associated. I would need precision farming modules and web apps. I could phone them but last time I did I never really got a straight answer and all they wanted to do was come and see me to give me a demo...
  16. Jetemp

    Turbo Reconditioning

    has any body had any success with getting turbos reconditioned. I'm looking to get a turbo from a Cummins QSC engine as fitted to an 8250 fastrac reconditioned. Anybody know of any good companies to use, preferably in the northeast, all the bones I've found really want to look at is small car...
  17. Jetemp

    Chlorothalonil (500g/l)

    looking for prices for 2000 litres of a chlorthalonil product, will need to be split into 2 differing products of equal quantity so that I can meet dose rate requirements. Would prefer a well reputed brand but certainly doesn't have t be bravo Delivered to Teeside Happy to provide any...
  18. Jetemp

    IPU, blutron

    Has anybody used this this Autumn?? How has it worked any good or bad stories for it?? James
  19. Jetemp


    What do you want from them? What would make you change agronomists? Lower price I know will be most people's answer, but if you have agronomists knocking on your door what would swing you towards them. James
  20. Jetemp

    Marketing to farmers

    If I wanted to market services to farmers, mainly advice type services cross compliance type record keeping, what would the effect of targeted email marketing or postal marketing be?? How would I go about getting mailing lists for a specific area of the country?? Any help greatly relieved...

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