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  1. shearerlad

    Store cattle UA Stirling

    34 limmy yearling tomorrow
  2. shearerlad

    JD 6R radio

    Recently had to change your main tractor to a 6130R. It has the basic radio that does work through the screen but doesn’t have Bluetooth. What radio head unit would folk recommend to put in that we oils ideally integrate with the screen to pull up contacts etc
  3. shearerlad

    Tractor tribute to the NHS
  4. shearerlad

    Prattley winch not braking

    Just gathering up my mobile yard (Scotpen) that’s been modified with a genuine prattley winch. The winch is wanting to unwind it’s self which isn’t ideal! Any ideas how to sort it out?
  5. shearerlad

    First go at paddock grazing

    Got a 9 acre field that’s not been grazed since September. I can split it roughly into quarters with electric and have a mob of 140 ewes on the first quarter. It got a good cover of wet lush autumn grass but not sure how bare to take it for the winter and next growing season.
  6. shearerlad

    Strange requests

    Currently shearing in Norway. Was on farms yesterday shearing breeding stock and when doing the ewe lambs the farmer asked me to cut off any secondary pairs of teats. His reason being that lambs want to latch onto them instead of the milking teats.
  7. shearerlad

    Norway 2019

    Over in Norway for a few months shearing in a slaughterhouse. Thought I’d share some photos on here.
  8. shearerlad

    SBA Beef event at Bethelnie

    Many folk going? Think it could be a wellies and flexothanes day!
  9. shearerlad

    GPS guidance

    Looking for some advice on which simple GPS guidance system to go for. Livestock farm all in grass or brassica break crop so only needing a basic one. Fert applications, grassland spraying and mowing. Tia
  10. shearerlad

    Deformed lambs with photos

    I've had an unusual number of deformed lambs this year. I thought I’d share them on here for interests sake. Small lamb born second in a pair of twins. Tiny body with twisted spine. Beltex out of an Aberfeild x Cheviot gimmer This one was coming breached with its back feet right under the...
  11. shearerlad

    Some help please

    Looking for some advice from the TFF collective. A few years ago I did some work for a guy but I still haven’t been paid. He is based in one of the southern counties of England, so I drove a round trip of over 1000 miles, so fuel and wear on my vehicle and the wearing parts of my tools that...
  12. shearerlad

    Unwell calf

    Some help please 3 day old calf is not great. His temp is 37.1, sitting up but not standing, hock joints warm and swollen. Eyes are a bit cloudy. Just been tubed with mother’s milk and effadryl. Vet was out 3 hours ago and gave marbocyl and metacam. And suggestions?
  13. shearerlad

    Machinery dealership needing a kick in the ar@#

    While at the county show at the beginning of August I went into a tractor dealer stand looking for a demo. Currently using their brand, sourced from them so though it would be straight forward. Palmed off by 3 reps, the fourth reluctantly took my details. I chased them up with a couple of calls...
  14. shearerlad

    Bomford triblade topper

    How do you get into tighten the bolts for the centre gearbox? Nuts are on top of the topper but bolt heads seem to be hidden somewhere underneath. Tia
  15. shearerlad

    Expensive bull
  16. shearerlad

    Dingwall dry Hogg sale

    Anyone there? Imagine trade will be good considering prime sheep prices. @Jim75 @Top Tip. @west coast angus
  17. shearerlad

    Spray or dip?

    I’m about to start lambing, have always dipped navels with a dairy teat cup. Thinking of spraying with iodine this year. Cross contamination of iodine with dipping and I ended up with iodine burns on my hands last year which were bloody painful. Spraying would help stop this but may not be so...
  18. shearerlad

    JD Seats

    My JD 3220 telehandler seat failed today. It’s a Grammer mechanical base but can’t see a number on it. I also have a MSG85 base that came out of the tractor (6330) but it doesn’t fit straight in to replace the fecked base in the handler. Will both seat have common internal parts? Could strip...
  19. shearerlad

    Situation Vacant Lamber wanted.

    Due to my wife being pregnant I’m looking for someone to assist me at lambing time. 500 ewes in a Polly tunnel from 20th of March to 8th of May. Main duties will include looking after individual pens (water, bedding hay), ringing and tagging lambs. Also other general farm work. Accommodation...
  20. shearerlad

    Premier meat exhibition. Who is going/showing?

    As above. IMO a true show of commercial stock. It's very interesting to compare from the hoof judging tomorrow and the hook on Saturday. I've got 5 lambs entered, 3 beltex and 2 Cheviots.

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