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  1. Toms820

    Getting into engineering

    Been thinking lately and as abit of a side line I’d like to get abit more Into engineering. The old school kind where it’s all hands on and not much computer work involved if such a thing exists. Is there such a course or courses that I could do I have a few projects on the go at the minuet...
  2. Toms820

    Ram to ewe ratio.

    Evening, currently running 4 rams to 120 ewes split into 2 groups. is that enough? Ewes are mainly texel x and the rams are texel. Or should I run some more rams. Trying to close up our lambing so it’s not so drawn out. Cheers Tom
  3. Toms820

    Financial advise.

    Anyone know of reputable financial advisers? I’m based in Cornwall and need some advise about something’s. Is it worth seeing face to face or are emails just as good? Cheers
  4. Toms820

    baler up grade.

    Looking to up grade our baler, currently running a Greenland’s rf120. Just looking for something newer any recommendations? Won’t be used for anything to heavy and not to fussy about a chopper unit on it. Will be used on grass and straw. Got about £4K to spend.
  5. Toms820

    Calf crush

    Looking to invest in a calf crush want to try and avoid buying brand new but will if needs be. Just need nice and simple. We currently run this death trap as you can see the bar to restrain the calf’s head is a jaw breaker and bloody dangerous.
  6. Toms820

    Sward lifter

    Afternoon, Potentially looking for a 4 leg sward lifter in the near future just looking to see what’s about. cheers
  7. Toms820

    What cordless impact guns are people using.

    Been thinking for a while about buying myself a cordless impact gun. Problem is there’s so many on the market it’s hard to know which one to buy. So what have people on here bought and how have they found them?
  8. Toms820

    Calve with turned in front feet

    Evening all quick question. Just calved a cow and the calve has turned in feed like the tendon or muscle hasn’t relaxed. We had the same last year and the vet told me to give it a injection to help relax the muscle but I can’t remember for the life of me what. Anyone have this problem and have...
  9. Toms820

    Tw35 clutch woes

    So since the weathers turned good and every tractor we have is busy I’ve had my tw out rolling. When the tractors just started and warming up the clutch seems normal no lag or hesitation but after a hour or so at work if I back of the throttle to slow down abit it feels like the clutch is biting...
  10. Toms820

    Calf buying

    So this time last year I bought my first calf month old limi x reared on milk and then thrown out field with the father in-laws and fed corn. now it’s Coming up to selling and was going to buy 4-5 but was wonder what people’s thoughts where on buying calf on milk or buying something older and...
  11. Toms820

    Machinery dealers and bad service.

    Is it just me or do machinery dealers not seemed bothered about leaving small customers in the dark? and only chasing big customers. I’ve been chasing a local dealer for the last 3 weeks about purchasing a new piece of kit I’ve tried phone calls seeing them and even a text to See if they’re...
  12. Toms820

    Sward lifter

    This is a long post but hopefully someone can help. Been looking for the last few weeks at buying my own Sward lifter for my self (120 acres perminant pasture and 70 acres of crops and rotational grass for silage) and abit of contracting to help cover the cost of running one. The one that...
  13. Toms820

    Cattle lifters

    Evening, I’m currently looking for some cattle lifters we’ve been borrowing are next door neighbors lifters every time we’ve had a cow down due to bad calvings, they’re the type that lift by the hip pins which I don’t mind but after a while they seem to make the cows pins sore and they seem...
  14. Toms820

    Tw 35 pros and cons

    Morning, I think this is the right section to post for this tractor. I’m looking around for a tw35 for working at home, problem is I can’t find much information about them. Anyone had any experience with them any pros and cons I’d only be running a round baler, a wrapper and some cultivation...

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