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  1. l'ordinary bonville

    Drill filling ideas.

    Is there a small lift able hopper for avadex or similar?? I have avadex applicator high up on the drill and it’s a bit of a balancing act while hand balling 25 bags. I was thinking of filling a container in the store and then dropping in the drill with the loader. I hate seed corn in bags also...
  2. l'ordinary bonville

    osr sowing survival strategy

    Naturally 🙂 the forward stuff looks like you’ll be selling that soon at the market alongside collies
  3. l'ordinary bonville

    osr sowing survival strategy

    Later sown 12th September doing way better than expected
  4. l'ordinary bonville

    Wheat drilling 2020

    Did 240 acres from Tuesday sunrise to Wednesday 8am. Full night shift to get cultivated land done before the rain came. could have carried on through what rain we ended up with onto stubbles but spent a bleary eyed day with the vet its dawned on me that cultivating soil makes it very prone to...
  5. l'ordinary bonville

    Wheat drilling 2020

    How wide are those rolls
  6. l'ordinary bonville

    Getting concerned

    New drill has now got acres under its belt conditions just right now imo Some ground is getting a disc tine through it first though. And some getting a plough 724 pulls 8m just fine apart from cultivated ground uphill full tank damp conditions etc. Have another 600 kg wheel weights and 600kg...
  7. l'ordinary bonville

    Getting concerned

    No cereals drilled here. Will start once it's dry enough, No need to panic yet
  8. l'ordinary bonville

    osr sowing survival strategy

    Had 15ha of later sown rape after spring barley. All had come nicely and at cotyledon stage by 2 days ago. Less than 10% plants affected by flea beetle but field next door has been more affected. I planned to spray volunteers and pyrethroid on Monday night but only got round to it last night...
  9. l'ordinary bonville

    osr sowing survival strategy

    This looks normal for me at this point. volunteers sprayed and a pyrethroid. Grazing was non existent until the day before spraying but damage occurred very quickly. Later sown after spring barley all at cotyledons stage but thicker. Had a higher seed rate and I lifted the dale drill coulters a...
  10. l'ordinary bonville

    Wheat drilling 2020

    Are you managing to pull the rolls ok?
  11. l'ordinary bonville

    Do you wash your combine

    Mine gets wet during the season as left outside. Have to wash it to properly get rid of all the chaff etc
  12. l'ordinary bonville

    Triton direct seed drill

    I miss the comedy though i’m sure lee is giving a balanced view and all that. At least he could use block capitals and no punctuation just to keep us guessing what he’s trying to say Just sayin
  13. l'ordinary bonville

    osr sowing survival strategy

    Mine is Hutton Grange if you can see that just south of you. 19.2mm here over 24hrs
  14. l'ordinary bonville

    osr sowing survival strategy

    That’s just not you! Get Pete Swales round with a Claydon (and say 3 hail Mary’s)
  15. l'ordinary bonville

    Getting concerned part 2

    And the more southern members getting concerned that they still have “some” left to do... Still have some rape to do, 90% of the wheat, all the spring barley that replaced rape, wheat and w barley due to last autumn plus 100 acres of beans. And so far we’ve got sod all straw baled Getting...
  16. l'ordinary bonville

    Tine direct drill into messy stubble

    Have started sowing cover crops into a very weedy barley stubble that was sprayed off pre harvest. Drill is a new Dale. I’m having trouble with dragging dead weed and straw essentially turning the drill into a giant rake. have tried topping the stubble which helps a little and also a light disc...
  17. l'ordinary bonville

    Self milling

    It is on a Mercedes Actros truck mount caravaggi is the other option which is also very good and much simpler But requires a tractor to drive it Neither are cheap when all costs are included but can save a lot on bought in feed and also allow us to control tightly what our ingredients are...
  18. l'ordinary bonville

    Self milling

    I have a mobile mill on order for mixing pig feed on 4 farms. I aim to offer b&b contracts that also allow the farmer to sell me grain on site at a premium to normal ex farm price. Hopefully a win win
  19. l'ordinary bonville

    New Grain Dryer Project

    Fertiliser factory
  20. l'ordinary bonville

    B & B pay rates

    I’d be surprised if they only keep them to 30kg. More like 40. That lowers the weekly rate. Maybe 9week turnaround instead of 7

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