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  1. J

    Mower conditioner or tedder

    Have a plain mower, thinking of changing for a moco or a Tedder, aiming to make top quality silage. Which do people think would be better?
  2. J

    Planting green

    Have a crop of pea / barley mix that was dd into a green c crop that was sprayed off with gly/ 2 4d two days before drilling, it's had 35 units urea broadcast after drilling and fym applied pre drilling. Crop is up and green but v slow, seems to lack vigor, wondering if it's gly injury. Was sown...
  3. J

    DD with a rapid

    As above, anybody dd ing with a vaderstad rapid, interested to know if it would be successful on sandy loam that has been min tilled and cover cropped for a few years??
  4. J

    Water pooling

    Have noticed fields that were ploughed and combicrop drilled after roots, into what I once thought was perfect seedbeds, crops were lifted in lovely dry conditions, they are now lying in pools of slop after a bit of rain. I can walk in my d d fields in short boots and hardly any soil sticks. If...
  5. J

    Sumo versadrill

    Just wondering if anyone on here has experience of a 6m drill, machine is slow to lift and lower, pretty certain there are restricters somewhere but I can't find any, sumo guys don't seem to know, I'm thinking there might be a restricter in the rams themselves,sumo says no so I'm lost, maybe...

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