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    Natiinal Grid haven't been paying wayleave

    Got a wayleave agreement from the 1960's. We've received no wayleave payment from NG for the last 20 years or so. Now they want to come into our fields for maintenance works. Anyone have any idea where we might stand on this?
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    Waste treatment for tented camping

    Looking into viability of certificated site for tented camping. Large, high quality insulated yurt or safari type tents. I'm thinking the structures will be much more desirable and better occupancy if they have their own toilet, shower etc. How have people managed drainage and effluent...
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    ELMS payment for Red Tractor assurance

    Started a new thread on this specific topic, rather than just adding a post to Clive's ELMS 'wish list' thread. So, UK Red Tractor assured farms are ensuring high food and environmental standards, vs imported foodstuffs which have not met the UK's high standards. Can we ask for this to be...
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    Which wheat variety on sand land?

    What are your preferred wheat varieties for light sandy land? Open to suggestions...
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    Mid Tier - Maintain area of P. Pasture

    Looking at Mid Tier with start date of Jan 2021. Anyone know if we need to maintain the area of permanent pasture on the holding? Thought I'd read it somewhere, but can't find it in the manual. Any chance that that rule has ben relaxed for new mid tier agrements?
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    Frost and septoria

    We've had our 4th ground frost during May. Question is, how will this affect septoria? Will it have been enough to kill the fungus? Added to that, it is also dry. They were only light ground frosts, but each leaf was white with frost.
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    AB10 Unharvested Cereal Headlands

    Anyone know if this is just for headlands, or can it be over the whole area of the field? Obviously title of the option is 'Unharvested Cereal HEADLANDS', but in the requirement it says... 'manage as strips or plots at least 6m wide on a part or whole field basis' Any thoughts?
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    Covid-19 Sprayer Testing If I have understood the information correctly from the NSTS homepage, they are suggesting using the operator checklist instead of getting sprayer tested. Seems like a sensible approach, and we can presumably point the Red Tractor inspector towards that advice.
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    Eating oilseed rape leaves?

    No veg on the supermarket yesterday. Got me to thinking - can we eat rape leaves? The crop is in a lovely vegetative state at the moment.
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    Including farmhouse in farmyard RLR parcel

    I need to register the farmyard as a RLR parcel in order too apply for some capital grants. Anyone have any thoughts or advice on the pros and cons of including or excluding the house and garden from this parcel? Thanks.
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    Right to know insurance broker's commission.

    There's currently a thread running about insurance... This got me thinking. I believe commercial customers have the right to ask their insurance broker what amount of commission they are receiving on the...
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    BSPB royalty for rotted seed.

    FSS with royalty paid to mobile seed dressing contractor. Anyone know if we can claim the royalty back? What are the rules? Some not planted. Some drilled and rotted off before it even emerged, so the plants haven't actually grown into anything that could produce a crop.
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    Broadcast and harrow

    Firstly, apologies to @Two Tone for quoting/stealing his post, but I thought the photo of this 'drill' demonstrated the principal that I was thinking about. With the current wet conditions I have been giving some thought to drills. A farmer near us had been direct drilling this autumn with a...
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    O.S.R. pollen beetle 2019

    Haven't sprayed for pollen beetle for several years. Either the numbers were low or the crop was starting to flower when numbers increased. Never seen so many as we've got this year. Almost too many to count, so sprayed insecticide yesterday. Don't like spraying, but seem to have got 100%...
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    Pedestrians in farmyard, H & S.

    This is something i worry about. I want to be safe, and I want to be compliant with H & S rules, but not certain how to achieve this. There was a sad case a couple of months ago (thread on here somewhere, but i can't find it), here's another link...
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    Minerals with feeding straw

    Feeding straw to sucklers up until new year (lack of silage on farm). Anyone know if a specific mineral is required? Or is it just a higher rate of normal mineral.
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    Wetter with pre-ems?

    Anyone do it, and what do you use? Would it help spread the chemical onto dry seedbeds?
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    Blowing cold wheat with warm ambient air

    Wheat in store is 5 degrees C and 15.8% moisture. Is it ok to blow it now with ambient air (about 15-20 degrees), as i want to bring the moisture down to under 15 if possible. Just worried if it might cause condensation in the heap? Or will it be ok?
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    Make it the law that agronomist can't sell pesticides

    I've started this new thread after a comment Clive made in another thread... This got me thinking. With all the environmental legislation we farmers have, and with all the environmental issues with pesticides, I was thinking that it really isn't sensible to allow agronomist to sell chemicals...
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    Cheap eBay Straw Moisture Meter

    Anyone tried one of these? At about £50, they're £2-300 cheaper than the Protimeter, Delmhorst etc. Or am I better with a microwave and...

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