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    6470 t3 sisu starter motor

    can anyone give me the reference for this (4.2 kw geared type ) ive done some googling but they all seem as if they are for the perkins engine are they the same ref for the sh!t sui.
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    trailed discs

    Does anyone use them these days ,i used to use an old set of trailed that evenually wore out ( always managed to get a seed bed) and were replaced by some of these mounted "short type" which seem to be the fashion but they dont seem to do a good all round job no depth or penentration ,how does a...
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    add blue

    Is it possible to test it,and can anyone confirm does it have a self life.
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    easy swing cow brush

    Has any one got one of these any good?
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    vicon baler net wrap problem help!!!!

    rightly or wrongly I got this mf branded vicon 516v cica 2013( its the older type with only the bar across not the newer with the ram) at the end of last season just to do a few bales of straw and silage. Things started badly it put the net wrap on but there seems to be too much tension it wont...
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    safe shaft systems Thought this deserved a thread on its own, is it as good as it looks, whats the drawbacks,has it been on here before, cost ???( before i give them a ring next week)
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    wheel rims massey/ class?

    Are massey 8 studs rear wheels the same size as class( they look about the same as they share the same back end in most cases) and does anyone know what the size the centre hole is ? is there an exact size, it measures about 150 with a tape!( ive seen some secondhand class rims and i'm...
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    weld on bushes looking for something like this that can take a 16 mm bolt any ideas they dont do 16 mm
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    plastic bale wrap

    Time of year to be looking at prices etc going to be doing a bit more in house opinions 22 or 25 micron and how many layers?some will be kept till next year
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    Wheel rims 15" or 16"

    Looking to put some wider tyres in my little massey its on 16.9x 38 on 14 rims,15 rims (easier to find secondhand)will take 480/70 s ok, it has ben said they will take 540/65,s will that cause any problems with the 540s as they will bulge out a bit? stress on the bead?
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    mf 6470 error code 9150

    Ive had this appear on my 6470 i had a problem the other weekend when it ran out of juice last load went over a bump and it stopped dead!!!! anyway got it going topped up the tank and away i went for it to go into limp mode with this code on the way home ,.Changed the filters and give it a run...
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    elide fire ball

    Good idea ?
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    faster coupling parts

    I have a little problem with the faster coupling on the tractor Ive lost one of the screws that acts as the hinge when you pull the lever down without the screw it wont lock square. Anyone help me out the stealer wants to sell me a new handle 40 quid ish the bolt although a bit special shouldt...
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    baler iso bus connection question

    My iso bus baler is connected to my non iso bus tractor with the cable onto the starter motor ( with anderson connections + on the starter - engine block)),I had some out the other day and he said direct to the battery as the starter could cause a surge and damage the box ,is he right?
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    honesty when trading something in

    Is anyone into this, does it make any difference?
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    belt joiners do they work?

    Seen a newish baler but the belts have a few nicks in,sods law would say if i got it a belt would break in the first few yards is a jointed belt a short term fix?
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    new holland roll belt baler

    Anyone with one any sort of genetic problems? I had a neighbour help me out the other day with a crop cutter( same but with knives?) and it seemed to go well,I have seen a 2015 with 8000 bales not to worn out anything to look at if I go to see it.
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    round balers

    The season is about finished here for the hay just a bit of straw and I'm looking to next year and perhaps changing the baler.i have an old vicon 1601 ,another of the same perhaps with the kuhn name on the side would be ok or has any one gone from the old vicon to the new vicon? Vicons are the...
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    i need a compressor with a bit more puff its narrowed down to either 200l 5.5cv outlet air volume of 492l/min or270l do i gain anything from the extra 70lcapacity thats all i can see the difference is(and a little bit more in price), both 3phase
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    senile moment diesel in the quad

    Wondered why it wont start then had a think and i fancy ive put diesel in the quad,what have I done and what do I need to do to put it right? Yamaha 450

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