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    Guess the parts price thread ?

    This thread has jusr reminded me why I've applied to put nearly 50% of farm into stewardship. Wondering why I didn't do 100%.
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    Easy to find a buyer. Problem being that occasionally they turn out to be a bad payer. Mindst you, merchants can (do) also go into receivership. Know your buyer is my my moto (learnt the hard way, but did get settled up eventually using a payment plan).
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    Times: 'Beef report was biased, admits BBC' - sanctions for BBC and Bonnin?

    I don't really see how ag can account for 10% of GHG. Surely most of what is emitted is firstly captured by the growing plants, so it is simply part of the carbon cycle. We cannot make carbon, but only change its form, and ag's raw ingredient are plants that have captured co2. Most of the...
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    What’s the rate for large scale solar?

    I guess the developers might work on slim margins (but like the relatively low risk investment). You'd think they'd need a better return than that though.
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    What’s the rate for large scale solar?

    Thanks guys. Wondering if I've misunderstood something here. So it's getting on for £200,000 for an acre of panels, and the electricity sales are about £6k per year (per acre)??? Is that the situation? If a developer rents land for £1k/acre, then that will leave them with £5k to pay back the...
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    What’s the rate for large scale solar?

    Sorry for the naive question, but how much would solar panels cost for an acre to give the £6k return?
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    Outwintering cattle on herbal leys

    Wet winters with cattle could be a right mess.
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    Guardians of the Grassland - LIVE NOW

    I see. Not dissimilar to the UK. We struggle mainly with rain rather than snow though.
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    Combinables Price Tracker

    £185 offered by one merchant, another at £190 for Nov feed wheat. Yorks.
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    Guardians of the Grassland - LIVE NOW

    Oh, and what price is beef over with you guys?
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    Guardians of the Grassland - LIVE NOW

    Are you able to fatten cattle off grass in Canada? Or are they typically fattened on cereals? What about winter time? Are the cattle housed and fed conserved forage? Or are they at grass.
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    Weaving sabre tine user thread

    Thanks for posting the pics. Looks absolutely fantastic! Simple, lightweight, effective. Like the two rows of harrows setup. I guess it will have been £6-7k (plus front hopper), but if you've made yourself a 'new' direct tine drill for that sort of money - then I'd say a top result. Look...
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    Weaving sabre tine user thread

    Do I remember correctly from earlier posts that you've built this drill yourself? Really interesting. Would love to see some photos.
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    Silage / Straw / Hay Price Tracker

    Thank you.
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    Wheat drilling 2020

    Drilled some for first time this autumn, so sorry can't answer your question. Drilled ours 22nd Sept. One thing That has become apparent, is that it doesn't like sand. Sandy patch in the field that will grow the right variety of winter corn (but some varieties struggle on this patch). Extase...
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    Silage / Straw / Hay Price Tracker

    Anyone know what good barley in 4x3 should be worth in East Yoks?
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    Did Seed dressings kill slug eating Beetles?

    Neither have I, but the slugs are eating the barley (previous crop was wheat).
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    Tine seeders, info required

    Can't remember who it is, but someone on here has posted pictures of his tine drill for dd. Pig tail drag, accord hopper on top and changed the points for some Metcalf/Bourgault etc.
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    Why buy British food?

    I believe horse meat got into Tesco burgers, supplied and processed by ABP (Dalepak factory in Yorkshire). ABP stipulate farmer suppliers are FA, yet they couldn't even manage to make sure it was beef in their beef burgers. If ABP can't be trusted to get the correcy species of animal into the...

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