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    mixing kerrin and skyscraper

    is it wise to mix kerrin and skyscraper in the grain store ? both group 4 but kerrin hard and skyscraper soft I think
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    jd boundary track

    how do I create tramlines across a field after recording a boundary without having to drive the ab line ? 4640 screen thanks
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    Trelleborg tyres

    looking for 2 new trelleborg 620 70r 42 And 2 by 480 70r 30
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    FACTS online assessment

    anyone done the above, just had an email reminder from BASIS can it be done without tuition hope so as got to be done by end may I ignored it last year as they dreamt it up in the middle of harvest
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    cultipress wanted 6m

    cultipress wanted 6m or 6.6m less than 5 years old preferably cheers
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    Ink cartridges

    Have looked online and there’s hundreds of places selling ink cartridges Wheres the best/cheapest for genuine HP ink cartridges?
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    Accord tineseeder

    Our 6m accord TS has a habit of not seeding for a few metres midway across the field. No alarms go off, and you don’t realise at the time but see it when the wheat comes up. Bit like a skylark plot ! Have had metering unit off and sent back to Andy guest but it still does it , any ideas ? As...
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    glyphosate wetters

    just moved from the 'old' glyphosate formulations (eg rosate from Albaugh) which had the tallow amine wetter included to the new tallow free formulations. Its now very watery without the tallow amine. I have already been adding a bit of ammonium sulphate wetter to the gly but wondering what...
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    Harvesting Equipment - Grain drying and handling : Other - Gas Burner

    Harvesting Equipment - Grain drying and handling : Other - Gas Burner Category: Harvesting Equipment - Grain drying and handling Manufacturer: Other Price: £925 Condition: Used Description: Gas Burners, 750,000 btu, glenfarrow, GWO Images: See the full size images for this listing on...
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    medium depth primary cultivator

    whats the best medium depth primary cultivator for heavy land, sumo trio leaves it too rough & bumpy, need to go in about 100 to 150mm, deal with lots of trash & leave a seedbed like finish ?
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    upgrading trimble 750

    Haven't upgraded for about 18months, is the latest software on the trimble website (I cant see it there!) Is it easy enough to do, dealer did it last time cheers
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    Ploughs: Dowdeswell - DP 160

    Ploughs: Dowdeswell - DP 160 Category: Ploughs Manufacturer: Dowdeswell Price: £3250 Condition: Used Description: Dowdeswell DP160 7 furrow on land plough DD bodies 6+1 double offset with 6 pairs of skimmers and rear disk manual vari width (set at 14 inches at moment) Images: See...
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    creditors voluntary liquidation

    what's it mean when a company does this, in this case it looks like the directors have drawn the money off then done one of these, i'm guessing getting any owned will be unlikely The 'restructuring' firm want £10K just to put a creditors meeting together!
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    Ploughs: Dowdeswell - DP 160s

    Ploughs: Dowdeswell - DP 160s Category: Ploughs Manufacturer: Dowdeswell Price: £5250 Condition: Used Description: Dowdeswell DP160s 7 furrow plough, manual vari width, double offset on land, long/high clear, DD bodies, skimmers, £5250 Images: See the full size images for this listing...
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    ad mix claim

    Had a claim on last load of osr, weight loss deducted and £7/t cleaning charge every other load was under 2% ad mix, they reckon last load was 4.2% don't know weather to let it go as the last load can be dirtier or does it look excessive?
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    ploughing in chopped straw on heavy land

    whats the best plough for heavy land with lots of chopped straw?
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    Weed ID

    Blackgrass programmes seem to be encouraging this weed, small white flowers, hollow stem, tap root Any ideas ?
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    wheel rim altering width

    have got a set of john deere rims that need the track width altering (cutting,latheing,reweld) Dealers send rims off to be done, where are these workshops?
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    Tyres: Other -

    Tyres: Other - Category: Tyres Manufacturer: Other Price: Open to offers Condition: Used Description: 650 65r 38 tyres to fit jd6930 with matching fronts and all rims This post was automatically created via
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    520 85R 42 wanted

    Michelin agribib or similar with matching front tyres

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