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    Root chopper bucket recommendations
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    Best headstock for telehandlers?

    Take another look don't think the pipes belong to the headstock not attached anyway
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    Polytunnel for sheep

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    Beef cattle shed ideas

    How much is the water trough in the panel
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    Breeding sheep sale next week?

    Think there'll be one on 31st at gisburn to but no catalogue yet, and otley 5th November
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    Breeding sheep sale next week? 27 October
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    Kevs diary

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    Hgv turning width

    Yea it would have to a driver!
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    Hgv turning width

    That's the answer it should drive in tip the load then back out would get out easier
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    crossbred rams

    If the rams used as a terminal I don't think your supposed to find out
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    New research study - ATVs and helmet wearing

    Wearing a helmet is a animal welfare issue, I was once riding round a field when I heard a faint bleet of a lamb stopped the bike listened got off and dug it out of snow drift took it home warmed it up and put it back with it mother. If I'd been wearing a helmet the first time I'd of known where...
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    Sheep dipping tank size

    No wonder I didn't get that output there was one man chucking in and dipping mine this year
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    What to buy to help with my small flock

    There is a minimum spend of £7,500 and maximum spend of £30,000. You will receive 40% back of your standard cost. The deadline is 4th November 2020. Text received from agents yesterday
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    Sheep dipping tank size

    With one man
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    Sheep dipping tank size

    What's best round or long narrow n straight
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    Sheep dipping tank size

    200 gallon should be plenty ours is only around 4ft diameter and around 5ft deep
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    Root chopper bucket recommendations
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    Root chopper bucket recommendations

    Tanco do a wash bucket not heard of others but sure there will be some
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    Sheep dipping tank size

    How many do you have to dip? Make it bigger more throughput job done in day. Smaller less throughput possibly take two days to dip which means you should really be emptying Dipper and refilling possibly using more dip than the bigger dipper

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